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  1. Find the shrine of Melandru's statue along the path in the woods.
  2. Use your Charm Animal skill on one of Melandru's Stalkers when it appears.
  3. Return to Master Ranger Nente for your reward.

Obtained from

Master Ranger Nente in Regent Valley


Prophecies Pre-Searing Character
<primary profession> Test
Note: This quest will become unavailable to non-Rangers who have decided upon a non-Ranger secondary profession.



"One of the great joys in a Ranger's life is earning the trust of an animal companion. If you are interested, I will give you a skill that will allow you to charm an animal. However, it would not be fitting, so close to a shrine of Melandru, to charm just any creature.
Along the path here you will find the shrine. Nearby you may find one of the rare cats known by the name Melandru's Stalker. If you can charm one of these animals, you will truly have Melandru's blessing."
Accept: "I am willing."
Reject: "No, I have other business."

Reward Dialogue

"You have done very well; it's not easy to charm one of these great cats. The gods are smiling on you."


To achieve the goals of this quest, Master Ranger Nente gives you the following skills:

Follow the path south until you come to Melandru's statue. Use Charm Animal on one of the Melandru's Stalkers in the area. The Melandru's Stalker will start attacking you, take care if you are at a lower level that it does not kill you (unlikely), or that an ally doesn't mistakenly kill it while you're casting. At the completion of the Charm Animal skill, you will tame the Stalker and it will become an ally. You have your new companion.

After taming the pet, return to Master Ranger Nente to get your reward.


  • You can only have one pet at a time, a list of all the available pets can be found here.
  • If you want to remove your newly acquired Stalker to charm another animal, talk to Jarrel the Tamer (stands right next to Master Ranger Nente in Regent Valley) who is a Pet Tamer and is able to take your current pet (leaving you free to charm another).
  • If you charm the Stalker but release it to Jarrel before accepting the quest reward from Nente, you can still receive the reward without doing the quest over.
  • You can rename your pet by using the command: "/petname <name>" (in the chat window), for more detail refer to Pet naming.