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The Rift, located in the middle of the Mists, is a place of perfect balance of all things, including time. It is the present abode and dwelling place of the Gods of Tyria. The Rift is also the final resting place of all souls after death according to the theology of most intelligent races in Tyria.

Nearly 3000 years ago, the Gods summoned the Forgotten Ones, upright walking serpent creatures, from the Rift to Tyria as guardians and shepherds while the Gods themselves dwelt in the city of Arah. Soon after the creation of humans and the introduction of magic, great strife ensued. The Gods interfered one last time and then left in the event known as the Exodus of the Gods. The Gods then went to dwell in the Rift.

Besides the abodes of the Gods, the Rift is known to contain the following realms:

  • The Hall of Heroes: The location where mortal champions fight in gladiator-style combat before the Gods themselves in order to compete for most valuable treasures, and where the souls of great heroes rest.
  • The Great Forge: The final resting place for the souls of dead Dwarves.

While the Realms of the Gods are not completely under the control of the Gods of Tyria, it is known that at least the Underworld is a part of the rift.

In the year 851 AE, Lord Odran discovered how to open portals into the Mists, and subsequently, to the Rift. He hid the portals in the most treacherous of places, including:

  • The Tomb of the Primeval Kings, deep inside the uninhabitable Crystal Desert. This portal has been infested by the army of The Darknesses. This is Elona's portal, however it is on the Tyrian map in-game, and is only accessible to those who have access to the Prophecies campaign.
  • Heroes' Ascent, in a region later to become known as the Battle Isles, where the Zaishen Order train themselves for combat. This is the only portal accessible to players to reach the Hall of Heroes. This is Cantha's portal.
  • The Tombs of Drascir is yet another portal hidden in a treacherous location, It has been established that it is deep within Charr controlled territory through the lore. This is Tyria's portal.

Additionally, offering 1 platinum to the avatar of one of the Gods of Tyria in the service of the respective god will transport the player's party into the realm of that god.