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  1. Follow the road from Yak's Bend to Borlis Pass. Defeat all Stone Summit raiders along the road.
  2. Return to Captain Osric for your reward.

Obtained from

Captain Osric in Yak's Bend


Prophecies Character


Energy +7 (req. 5 Water Magic)
Armor +5 (vs. elemental attacks)
Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 10%)


"The road is swarming with Dwarves! Deldrimor's children were once friends of Ascalon, but there seems to be some new group, the Stone Summit, who have no interest in peace with men. We must put these Dwarves back on their heels if we are to escort so many children and civilians to the pass.
If you can wipe out the Stone Summit raiders who are marauding along the road, we will finally begin our journey through these mountains in earnest."

Reward Dialogue

"I can see Prince Rurik spoke the truth when he praised you so highly. I will need to stay here to provide safe harbor to Ascalonians who wish to follow the Prince's exodus, but we will begin escorting people to Borlis Pass immediately."


Exit Yak's Bend and follow the arrows on your map towards the groups of Stone Summit blocking the way to Borlis Pass. Kill each group and then move on to the next. When all the groups are dead, either return to Yak's Bend to claim your reward, or kill the three groups of Shiverpeak Centaurs on the way to Borlis Pass so that you don't have to repeat the trip later and then map travel back to Yak's Bend.