The Search for Enlightenment

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Quest map


  1. Follow Hanbahn the Anchorite to the place where he hid the Lost Scriptures.
  2. Eliminate the Margonites trying to steal the Lost Scriptures. Hanbahd must survive.
  3. Bring the Lost Scriptures to Kachok.

Obtained from

Hanbahd the Anchorite in Holdings of Chokhin


The Madness of Prophecy



"I did indeed find those most holy scriptures. But that is not the question. The question is, are you ready to gain the knowledge of truth? The glory of His wisdom is more than any human can understand, but I am His chosen and have been granted these secrets to keep. Follow me and we shall journey together to the holy place where the scriptures have been hidden. By speaking to me, you are blessed. Or cursed. Or both. Shall we depart?"
Accept: "Yes, I am ready."
Reject: "Book reading? Boooring."

Intermediate Dialogue (Hanbahd) (if you speak to him after taking the quest)

"Come, I shall be your guide on the path to enlightenment. To the scriptures!"

Reward Dialogue

"Ha! I knew he was bloody mad. He's been babbling about his forgotten god ever since he got back. You should have left him where you found him if you ask me. But enough of that raving loony... the scriptures! This is the find of the century! Such exciting times we live in. Odd, though, how those creatures have taken an interest in this artifact, isn't it? I can't wait to tell the others. They will be quite eager to get to work!"


Protect the Learned

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Start from Mihanu Township. After you accept the quest, Hanbahn will lead you on a short walk south-west. As soon as you approach the place where the scrolls are hidden, Hanbahn will become a party ally and Margonites will begin to attack from both sides. At first they will trickle in one by one but will increase in numbers until the final groups will be several from both sides. After defeating them all you will have to carry the scrolls back to Kachok.