The Serpent

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The Serpent is one of three Luxon clans.

The Serpent clan's current captain is Lexis and Aurora is her Champion. Born the fourth daughter of a noted warrior, her father had gained some renown as a leader through his military victories over House Brauer and House Vasburg. Her father's only shame was his inability to wrest control of the clan from its current captain. At the age of fourteen the young Lexis decided to end her family's shame and contest the current Captain. The only problem was that her four brothers had the same idea. As the story is told, at first Lexis was reluctant to take the field against her brothers, but it was too late, she had already thrown down the challenge and none of the siblings could withdraw. The night of the challenge Lexis went to each of her brothers in turn and convinced them that she had no ambition to become the new Captain and that she was no threat. The day of the challenge, the four eldest brothers fought the Captain and each other while Lexis held back. Only when the last of her brothers remained standing did she enter the fight. Lexis easily defeated the last remaining brother who was weary from defeating the others. In this way did she became the leader of The Serpent.

Even though the Serpent Clan is known for its victories in many fights, it is better known as the engineer clan. They were the first to figure out how to adapt the sea ships to be able to work on the new Jade sea. These new type of ships are able to skim across the jade sea or use legs to walk. These ships comes in all sizes, from small scouts to Giant ships able to carry three Siege Turtles. Most Reavers are a part of The Crab Clan however, the best ones are with the Serpent clan.

Alas those not allied with the Luxons know the Serpent clan more for piracy than for their other deeds. However, because of the lack of available forces, the Canthan Government allows them to continue their acts of piracy. The Serpent clan is also noted by the Government for their civilized treatment of civilians on board attacked ships.