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The Sulfurous Wastes
The Sulfurous Wastes.jpg
Explorable area
Campaign Nightfall
Region The Desolation
Map area 3.2%
Neighbors Gate of Desolation (outpost)
Remains of Sahlahja (outpost)
Services Collector
The Sulfurous Wastes map.jpg
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The Sulfurous Wastes are the southernmost part of The Desolation. As the name implies, it is almost entirely covered in Sulfurous Haze, and there is very little stone, so nearly all your time here will be spent in a Junundu. Though the terrain is generally open, the Southeasternmost part is only connected to the explorable area by a narrow, rocky passage. Locations of note include an old Margonite temple in the Southwest, and a rocky region in the Northwest that cannot be reached excepy by using Junundu Smash in a canyon to knock down a pillar that will then act as a bridge.


Shrines and Blessings[]






The Sulfurous Wastes[]


  • Vanquishers must defeat 243-393 foes in this area.
  • Before completing A Show of Force, the temple in the southwest corner of the map is full of Graven Monoliths. There is also a Treasure Chest inside.
  • A section in the northwest corner, east of Bohdabi the Destructive, is only accessible by knocking down a pillar with Junundu Smash to form a bridge.
  • Probably the most difficult mobs in this area in HM are a large mob of Awakened just outside of the Gate of Desolation and Bohdabi the Destructive's large mob. See the discussion page for notes about how to tackle them -- basically use the Junundu, but it's not obvious to do so, as the latter group lies on rocky soil.
  • Inside the entrance pillars to the Graven Monolith temple (where the treasure chest is; South-West corner), on the right side as you go in, is a tiny bit of sulfurous haze you cannot see. Standing on it causes death (with no death penalty). It can be used to generate minions!