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Quest Path


  1. Search Haiju Lagoon for Paomu's missing nanny and locate Paomu's Coin Purse.
  2. Defeat the Ravenous Drake.
  3. Return Paomu's coin purse.

Obtained from

Paomu in Haiju Lagoon




"You are a <name>, are you not? Please, you must help me! I do not have much money, but my son is ill. I hired a woman named Mara to help me look after him, but when I woke up this morning, Mara was gone... and what is worse, so was my coin purse! I never should have trusted a stranger, and I cannot leave Nei alone here. Can you help me? Just find Mara and retrieve my coin purse. Please, I know not where else I should turn!"

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Nei)

"I think I know where Mara is, but my mother is so upset, she will not believe me. Mara did take the coin purse, but only to place a bet on the drake races they hold on that little island to the north. Mara said that my mother would never approve, but she was sure she could win enough to pay for my medicine for years! Funny, though, I have never actually seen anyone racing drakes up there, or anywhere, really."

Reward Dialogue

"Oh no~this is the right coin purse, but it is torn, empty, and covered that blood? How will I pay for Nei's medicine now? But I'm sure you did all you could, <name>, and at least that thieving Mara learned her lesson.


From the village, head for the north-west corner of the Haiju Lagoon, past Teipoa Island. On the hillside you will see some Bleached Bones (obviously the remains of Mara) and nearby there is the Ravenous Drake (which is actually just a Bonesnap Turtle). Slay it and it will drop the coin purse.

This quest combines well with The Bog Beast of Bokku.


The name of the NPC giving the quest (Paomu) means "nanny" in Mandarin.