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Hard mode red.png This quest has an associated Hard mode quest, see The Titan Source (Hard mode).


Summary of Titans

  1. Travel to Grendich Courthouse and speak with Warmaster Labofski to learn how you can help defend against the Titan threat.
  2. Travel to the northwest region of Dragon's Gullet and kill the three Titan bosses.
  3. Return to Vision of Glint for your reward.

Obtained from

Vision of Glint in Droknar's Forge


The Last Day Dawns
Defend North Kryta Province
Defend Denravi


50,000 XP

Dialogue (Glint)

"Even with the Door of Komalie closed, the Titans still plague the people of Tyria. The source of their renewed strength is somewhere north of The Wall in Ascalon. After the work you did protecting the cities of Tyria, I believe you are most capable of completing this task and ending the Titan threat. Warmaster Labofski has sent scouts into the northlands to identify the Titan's source of power. Travel to Grendich Courthouse and speak with him."

Intermediate Dialogue (Warmaster Labofski)

"Thank you for coming. I have sent scouts out past the Flame Temple Corridor into Dragon's Gullet. Charr chieftains have been worshipping a number of burning godlike creatures and are rallying a Charr warband. My scouts are unsettled by the appearance of these creatures alone. I trust that you have confronted worse on your travels and that you are worthy enough to purge the region of this massive Charr gathering."

Reward Dialogue (Glint)

"The Titans no longer threaten the good people of Tyria."




This quest is easier than those that led to it, mainly because there is no pressure on efficiency. There is no need to protect a character who ruins the quest if he/she dies, and if the party gets wiped out, they are simply resurrected. So, you can take as many shots as you like. The toughest aspect is that the party size is only 4 in Grendich Courthouse. A party of 4 needs good organization and determination to complete this quest. Alternatively, you can start from Yak's Bend (where the party size is 6) if the quest is too hard. If you do, do not enter Grendich Courthouse or the party of 6 will be split.

Follow the map arrow from Grendich Courthouse into the Flame Temple Corridor. From there, follow the arrow again into Dragon's Gullet. The Charr Lords encountered along the way should pose no problem to your party. Once in Dragon's Gullet, head east and south around the huge eastern tar lake. There is no direct way to head to the star on the map. When you reach the southern tip of the lake, you'll be able to wade your way through. Near that point, you'll find a Resurrection Shrine, make sure to activate it (get close to it, or even step on it to be sure. Activated resurrection shrines will appear lit up on the "u" mini-map, where as unactivated ones will appear dark.)

Wade carefully through the tar lake. You will see the gigantic three Titan bosses in the middle of the lake. Before you get to them, make sure you take out every patrol on the way. Also, make sure you circle all around them as close as you can. The occasional Hand of the Titans will spawn in the tar. So, make sure you trigger all of them first, so you get no surprises when you face the bosses.

The three bosses are a mesmer, a necromancer and a ranger. They also have three Charr Lords with them. Together, the three bosses have a deadly anti-caster combination. The necromancer casts Malaise and Wither and the mesmer uses Panic and Shame while the ranger sets up Primal Echoes and Quickening Zephyr. This combination can drain spell casters (especially in a group of 4) quickly.

The answer for this is persistence and organization. Make sure to take out the Charr Shaman Lord first as he is the healer. Beyond that, you can simply fight them in a war of attrition, taking down one or two enemies at a time, then getting wiped out and resurrecting.

Other useful fighting tips:

  • A solid tank who can rush in and keep the bosses focused on him is an excellent complement to an elementalist with Maelstrom who can render the mesmer and necro bosses useless for about 30 seconds (10 seconds of interruptions plus some more time as their skills recharge).
  • Titans are very resistant to physical damage but less so to elemental damage. Even warriors should try and convert their damage. It is a good idea to bring Winter in combination with Greater Conflagration. The latter is also cast by many mobs in the area. Any necromancers can consider bringing Spinal Shivers as well.
  • A strong shutdown mesmer can help here because he can shutdown the necromancer boss and prevent him from casting Malaise.
  • A good way to break the anti-caster combination is to kill the mesmer boss before the others.

Bosses and Skills[]

The following bosses can be encountered during the The Titan Source Quest: