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  1. Gather whimsical essence by defeating the whimsical djinn[sic]
  2. You have gathered the whimsical essence.
  3. Tell Mahk to infuse the Broken Toy with the whimsical essence.
  4. You received the Model Toy.
  5. Use Mahk's Model Toy to negotiate a contract with the Vabbian toy buyer Shakon.
  6. You received Mahk's contract.
  7. See Mahk for your reward.

Obtained from

Mahk in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan.


Must have entered valid access key (obtained by buying a participating magazine).



"The toy business has been slow because of all the trouble with corsairs and evil plants lately. People would rather buy swords and shields than puppets and magical gadgets.
But Lyssa's fates have smiled upon me. Toy buyers from Vabbi have arrived. If I can show them something wondrous, I can get a Vabbian contract signed in gold and encrusted with gems.
Hmmm. That broken toy you have there would be perfect. I could never get it to work, though. It needs to be imbued with essence from a whimsical djinn to activate its magic. Perhaps a hero such as you could acquire the essence for me."
Accept: "Sounds magical. I'll do it!"
Decline: "Maybe later. I have corsairs and evil plants to deal with."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Mahk)

"To be truly great, every toy needs that extra something; a little bit of oomph to make it special...unique. That whimsical essence you got is just what this toy needed. Take this model to the Vabbians and see if we can't impress them! If you get them to sign a contract, you can keep that model."

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Shakon)

"What a magnificent toy! It walks around! It even growls! Mahk will have two contracts! I will sign them both in gold...twice!"

Reward Dialogue

"You landed the contract! Fantastic! Than you so much. Now I can do what I love and provide for my wife and children. Please keep the mini gray giant as a reward for all you've done. I imagine it will be worth quite a bit in the Kodash Bazaar this time next year."



  • Previously the quest was bugged. Some or all non-Elonian characters could not gain this quest from Mahk in Kamadan even with the Broken Toy quest item in their inventory. It appears that this problem has been fixed in a later update. This has caused some players to mistakingly delete their Gray Giant miniatures, thinking that their copy was bugged, and that they could get the giant back by the /bonus command. The broken toy however cannot be replaced once it is deleted.
  • Mahk's Son will reveal the background story regarding the Broken Toy and his father, as long as it is still in your inventory.


  • The name is a reference to the first full-length Pixar film, Toy Story.