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  1. Starting at the Frontier Gate, follow the road south through the Eastern Frontier and into Pockmark Flats.
  2. Return to Warmaster Tydus for your reward.

Obtained from

Warmaster Tydus in Ascalon City


Fort Ranik (mission)
Prophecies Character


500 XP
100 Gold
Focus Item:
Energy +6 (req. 5 Divine Favor)
Armor +5 while casting


"Some new trouble regarding Ambassador Zain has come to my attention. He has been giving strange artifacts to our merchants in lieu of gold. These Eldritch Sextants must be viewed with some suspicion, and we cannot discount the possibility of a Krytan plot."
"For now, the king has prohibited any further trading of these objects, but I would like you to take one of them to Priestess Rashenna. Perhaps her wisdom can uncover what sort of threat they pose."

Intermediate Dialogue (Priestess Rashenna)

"Ah, so this is the Eldritch Sextant that has caused such concern. Fascinating. It will take some time for me to study this device, but I assure you that I will send word to Tydus as soon as I have discerned the artifact's secrets"

Reward Dialogue

"I am glad to see that you finally managed to deliver the sextant. I had some serious doubts about your understanding of the seriousness of the matter, but it seems they were ungrounded. I am certain that Priestess Rashenna will discern the true nature of these artifacts."
"King Adelbern has too much respect for the old laws to harm Ambassador Zain without cause, but should the artifacts prove less than innocuous, we will surely make the Krytan regret this attempted treachery."


Follow the directions to get to Pockmark Flats and then head north until you reach Serenity Temple where Priestess Rashenna is. After she receives the Eldritch Sextant, return to Ascalon City and talk to Warmaster Tydus to receive the reward.