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  1. Go to the Watchtower Coast and stop the undead from reaching Beetletun.
  2. Return to Elder Hezron for your reward.

Obtained from

Elder Hezron in Beetletun




500 XP
  • Skills:
WarriorGriffon's Sweep
MonkHoly Veil
NecromancerPlague Touch
MesmerInspired Enchantment
ElementalistWater Attunement


"How fortunate that you're here! A horde of undead has been sighted shambling towards Beetletun! We have no defense against them and will surely perish without your help. They approach even now from Watchtower Coast. Will you defend our hapless village?"

Reward Dialogue

"Your defeat of that undead horde has earned the gratitude of all of Beetletun, <name>. Your name will live forever in our hearts."


Exit the village and kill all the undead that approach. There are several waves of a dozen or so each. There also are some villagers to your assistance, but they don't do much good.

Do not attempt to rush the undead. Hang back and let them come to you. Approaching where they spawn is a sure way to die. Don't be too afraid of dying: you respawn right in the quest area and can continue on from where you left off.

Fire AoEs make short work of the enemies. Smiting AoEs (for example with Symbol of Wrath) even more so, because holy damage does double damage to undead creatures. As a monk, consider bringing Judge's Insight to buff your tanks. A Dervish with Avatar of Balthazar or Heart of Holy Flame will also make short work of them.

The final wave of undead will include a Bone Dragon. If you see it coming, hang in there, for after defeating this wave, the quest will signal you to return to the outpost to receive your reward.

Tip: Kill the warlocks controlling the minions. These minions will go aggro all over the place and wipe out a great deal of the weaker enemies.

Most waves of these monsters hold many level 1 and 3 undead of the type found in pre-Searing catacombs. Before you notice this, the quest looks much harder than it is.

It is impossible to fail this quest (although you may die a number of times) because the undead horde will never reach Beetletun.


  • Taking this quest during the War in Kryta makes it much simpler. All you have to do is walk outside and the White Mantle standing outside will do all the work for you.