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The Underworld
The Underworld.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Annihilation
Part of: The Rift
Underworld PvP map.jpg
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The Underworld is the first PvP map in the Global Tournament. It is a simple annihilation map with 2 teams and no special features. The layout consists of each party's starting area (and starting location for their Ghostly Hero), and a set of bridges which lead from the group to a central area, and then off to an overlooking side plateau.

In the Underworld, each team has a Ghostly Hero which is for Morale Boost purposes only.


  • It used to be possible to skip this map when doing the Global Tournament. After an update, it is now mandatory that be the first map a team must face before they can continue to later maps.
  • The map is identical to the first explorable area in Tomb of the Primeval Kings.

Heroes' Ascent Maps HA-Icon.jpg
Heroes' Ascent (Tournament Map)

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