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  1. Go to the duke's vineyard and kill all large aloe seeds.
  2. Kill 4...0 more large aloe seeds.
  3. Return to Little Thom for your reward.

Obtained from

Little Thom in The Barradin Estate


Profession: Warrior
Prophecies Pre-Searing Character



"Thar's trouble in the duke's vineyard. Large aloe seeds, nasty things, running amok. Take care of it, will yer? I'd be grateful, and the duke would, as well, I'll warrant."
Accept: "No problem. I'n on my way."
Reject: "Find someone else."

Reward Dialogue

"I thank yer kindly fer getting rid of them aloe seeds. That's a load off my mind."


Little Thom gives you an axe, as well as the following skills:

Head southeast from the Barradin Estate and you will come accross 4 Large Aloe Seeds and 5 Aloe Seeds. All are level 0 and should not take more than 1 or 2 hits to kill. You will notice that they are arranged in a circle; you can stand in the middle of them and use Cyclone Axe to hit all of them at once. If you are having trouble, take out the Aloe Seeds first as they will sometimes heal the Large Aloe Seeds. After the Large Aloe Seeds are destroyed, return to Little Thom for your reward.


  • The skills given by Little Thom require an axe to use, so equip the one he gives you if you have not found a better one of your own.
  • This quest combines well with Warrior's Challenge as they occur around the same area.
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