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  1. Speak to Zho again when you are ready to begin hunting the Yeti.
  2. Help Zho hunt down and kill the Yeti.
  3. See Zho for your reward.

Obtained from

Zho in Kinya Province.


Track Down Zho
Factions character



"For months I have been trying to trap a particularly elusive Yeti. I have set rabbit traps to lure him, but I find the traps broken and the rabbits gone. Perhaps together we can do what I have been unable to do alone."
"I suggest you take some time to review the skills I am about to give you. When you are ready to go, speak with me again."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

"I hope the Yeti has not escaped while you were busy daydreaming. Come! Let us go and find the beast."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

"I noticed some tracks nearby; I think it is close, now."
"There it is! Attack!"

Reward Dialogue

"You might just make a good Ranger some day."


An Audience with Master Togo


When you accept this quest, Zho gives you the skills Read the Wind and Flame Trap. After you talk to Zho a second time she leads you over a bridge to the south and to the mouth of a canyon. The Wild Yeti will come running down this canyon shortly, if you want you can lay a Flame Trap here for it. After the Yeti is dead, speak with Zho a third time to finish this quest.


  • It is evident that Zho set the rabbit traps that were broken in Free the Fur from her dialogue.
  • The Red Yeti in the nearby cave doesn't spawn while you still have this quest.
Bug.png Bug! If you have the quest The Rampaging Yetis, the yeti Zho is hunting will not spawn.