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Tien the Lamplighter
Tien the Lamplighter.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Tien the Lamplighter is in charge of lighting the lamps in Lion's Arch. When you talk to him you hear a story



"Hi there. I'm Tien, and my job is to light all the lanterns we are hanging for the New Year's festival. I could use some help, if you have time. While we walk, I shall tell you a story. How does that sound?"

Tien the Lamplighter: "Once, a shipwreck cast ashore an entire crew and all those traveling aboard the vessel. They could not get off the island, so the people made a little village by the edge of the sea."

Tien the Lamplighter: "Each day they would watch and hope that a boat would see them and rescue them. There was water and food on the island, and people made huts out of straw and mud. They were happy."

Tien the Lamplighter: "But everyone continued to say they wanted to go home. So, a very old woman in the village began to make paper lanterns. She hung them on the edge of their dock and lit them every night."

Tien the Lamplighter: "On New Year's Day, a ship did come by, and it stopped at the island. All the people were happy to see the rescuers, but suddenly they realized that they did not want to leave the island anymore. They had all that they wanted, and more."

Tien the Lamplighter: "So, now the people of that village light their lanterns every year on New Year's to celebrate how happy they are in their new home."

Tien the Lamplighter: "It is an important lesson. Home is where the heart is, and sometimes you do not have to go anywhere at all to find it. Happy New Year!"