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Species: Human
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 3..15

Timera, Brawler Henchman[]

Timera is a henchman available in the Nightfall Campaign.


Skills used[]


As Timera does not have a shout or chant that affects the user, she cannot normally benefit from the bonus effect of Soldier's Strike. To take advantage of the bonus effect, she must be paired with another party member that has Paragon shouts or chants.


"I may be new, but I'm not afraid. The Sunspears are the best, and that's why I'm here! I wanted to be a Sunspear ever since I was little. I used to carry Kormir's spear for her on parade days... when she let me. You want to go a few rounds, one-on-one, and get a little practice?"


Idle quotes:

  • "I wouldn't be your friend if I didn't tell you about your faults. That's what friends are for."
  • "I'd crawl over glass for my friends. The other Sunspears would do the same for me. That's why I push them so hard... I don't want to watch my friends die in battle. "
  • "Nothing short of Grenth himself can stop me from being cheerful. I guess it's what you'd call a character flaw!"
  • "Statistically, one out of every four people suffer from some form of mental illness. If your three best friends are okay, then it's definitely you."

Battle quotes:

  • "Dodge! Don't attack! Move backwards! Flank him! Oooh, don't you pay attention at all?"
  • "He's like a big puppy, falling all over himself! I feel guilty beating him up."
  • "I hate being right all the time."
  • "Just like back home!"
  • "Kormir taught me this move!"
  • "My little brother hits harder than you!"
  • "Shiny! I got this one!"
  • "That's my friend you're beating up! Stop it!"
  • "The more, the merrier!"
  • "Think you can take two at once this time? I bet I can!"
  • "Watch out! You're opening your guard! They're going to get you!"
  • "Well, if I mess up, it's not like you'll be able to yell at me."
  • "Whoa! Too many, too many! Help!"
  • "You must be real brave to keep fighting with all your friends dead."


  • Some of Timera's quotes are references to Kaylee from Firefly.

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