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The Titan Quests are a group of quests added to Guild Wars in the summer of 2005. They explore the fate of the Titan army set loose upon Tyria by the Lich Lord at the end of the Abaddon's Mouth mission. These quests are very high experience quests which offer significant challenges.

All of these quests can be obtained from the Vision of Glint in Droknar's Forge. They will not become available to a character however until that character ascends and finishes the Hell's Precipice mission.

The quests are:

Warning: Titan Quests take place in altered versions of the explorable areas they are in. For example, the area Tangle Root will have completely different spawns (and much more difficult to explore), if a player takes on the quest Defend Denravi and then goes there. This area will be altered every time you enter it with the quest in your Quest Log. If you wish to find an area as it normally would be, you need to abandon the Titan Quest taking place in that area, then retake it later on.

When you finished The Titan Source you will be offered the same quest chain again as Hard Mode Quests.