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Titles are an in-game representation of various achievements.

A character's title is displayed below their name in a mouse-over pop-up. You can display only one title at a time, although you can work towards any number of titles concurrently. You can see a list of your titles and their progress in the "Titles" tab of your Hero Window. A title that can be displayed will have a check-box next to it.

Some titles are earned per account, while some are per character.

Many titles are merely for prestige, but some provide an actual in-game advantage.

All titles also grant trophies in the Monument of Honor for future in-game prestige in Guild Wars 2. Character-based titles need to be maxed to get a trophy, account-based only need a certain rank.

See individual title descriptions for more details. For a complete overview, including the rank progression of all titles, see Title overview.

Available Titles[ | ]

The following titles are currently available:

Campaign/Expansion Account-based Character-based








Eye of the North


Each Campaign  

^ The Commander title has been permanently "frozen" and can no longer be advanced.

Notes:[ | ]

  • Each title has its own title progression bar that is displayed in the Hero Window. Title tracks are ordered from top to bottom by overall progress, and alphabetically in the case of equal progress. Maxed titles will always appear on top, and seem to have a predetermined order among themselves, with reputation-based titles appearing at the top of the list. The entire list is updated dynamically as your progress increases - you will not need to close and re-open the Hero Window in order to see an update in the progress of your titles or the order of their listing.
  • Most titles have multiple ranks on the way to a maximum rank, while others have only the maximum. Sometimes the lowest ranks of the title, even though uniquely named, cannot be selected to display under your name, and you must reach a certain higher rank to be able to show it.
  • Some maxed titles count towards progress in another title track, such as the Legendary Guardian, and almost all maxed titles count towards Kind Of A Big Deal, with the exception of Commander and Codex, as explained above.
  • You can start or continue progress in most titles at any time, and this progress will never be lost for any reason, with three exceptions:
    • Your progress towards Legendary Survivor title is reset to 0 when you die. You will forever retain the highest rank you have achieved, but you will have to work all the way back up from 0 if you desire a higher rank.
    • All progress in the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title will be lost and removed from your titles panel if you leave Pre-Searing before completing it.
    • All progress in the Commander title has been permanently frozen in the October 22nd, 2009 update, and can no longer be advanced.

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