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  1. Meet Nobleman Emrah and his fellow Vabbians in Lahtenda Bog.
  2. Escort the Vabbians on their hike to the Sunspear Crypt in Lahtenda Vale. [sic]
  3. See Noblemen Emrah for your reward.

Obtained from

Clerk Arlon in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan


Nightfall Character
To See the Sights



"That's right, <name>, I have another job for you. Remember those Vabbian noblemen you dragged all over the Zehlon Reach? Well, they're planning another outing and specifically requested you to accompany them. This time those loonies want to see the Sunspear Crypt in Lahtenda Bog. When I told them how dangerous such a trip would be, it only made them more excited. As before, their vast diplomatic budget will pay your expenses. Are you interested?"
Accept: "You pay, I'll guard. Lahtenda Bog you said?"
Reject: "Are you kidding? They almost got me killed last time. No way!"

Reward Dialogue

"You are quite good, aren't you? Again, you have impressed us with your prowess, and protected us through countless dangers. Well worth the money, I say!"


Start from Blacktide Den, enter the bogs and then just follow the quest marker. This time around, foes will not attack the nobles, so just need to keep your party alive to reach the crypt, to be able to claim your reward.