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a Swamp Flower



  1. Travel to the Zehlon Reach.
  2. Gather petals from a swamp flower plant.
  3. See Barlom [Dye Trader] for your reward.

Obtained From

Barlom (Dye Trader) at Kamadan.


Nightfall character
Completed Leaving a Legacy



"Oh dear! I'm almost out of swamp flower petals, but I can't stop stirring to find more or this dye I'm working on will be ruined! If you have time, I'd be willing to give you a fresh vial of dye from my most recent batch if you bring me some petals from the swamp flowers growing in the Zehlon Reach. Think you have time for that?"

Reward Dialogue

"Excellent! Perfect! This is a tricky recipe, but well worth the extra effort. Here's your dye. Please remember me the next time you need to dye your armor! I sell the most vibrant dyes around... and at very competitive prices."


Shortest path to Swamp Flowers

A very straightforward quest. There are several Swamp Flower plants in Zehlon Reach and the quest marker will show you the nearest one.

The easiest one to reach is to head out of the northern exit of Jokanur Diggings. After exiting, you go north a short distance, to a fork in the road. To the left (west) is a Sunspear Scout. Follow this path a short distance to the water, and the flower is almost directly in front of you near the edge of the water. A second Swamp Flower is just slightly farther north.


  • If you have spoken to Jatoro Musagi in Kodlonu Hamlet, the quest One Good Turn Deserves Another can be picked up in Kamadan at the same time as this quest is selected, which is convenient since both have a Zehlon Reach component.
  • If you obtain a flower from ways other than picking one yourself (e.g., buying one), the quest will not update, but you can still go straight back to Barlom and receive the reward as normal.

Reward Color Rate[]

  • See here for ongoing research of the drop rate for each color.