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Disambiguous.png This article is about the repeatable quest in the Domain of Anguish. For the primary quest on Shing Jea Island, see To the Rescue (Factions). For the quest in Vabbi, see To the Rescue (Nightfall).



  1. Rescue the Order of Whispers company trapped behind enemy lines.
  2. Survive the demon army assault.
  3. Warden of Whispers must survive.
  4. See Warden of Whispers for your reward.

Obtained from

Voice of Whispers in the Ravenheart Gloom



"[Difficulty: Master] A company of my finest men went behind enemy lines to assassinate several demon commanders. We've lost all contact with them and I fear that they are lost.
I need you to venture into the darkness and find out what has become of them. Do you have the guts?"
Accept: "We will find your missing men."
Reject: "I like my guts right where they are, thank you."

Reward Dialogue

"Thank you for your assistance, my friend. It seems our mission was "dhuumed" from the start. Heh. Well, the men thought it was funny. *cough* Anyway, we were unable to locate our targets, but we did find something else of interest: a great portal that the demons use to move between worlds."


The Rifts Between Us


The missing patrol can be found in a small crack on the southwest corner of the Ravenheart Gloom. There are about four groups of Torment Demons along the way. If the party is accustomed to being in the Ravenheart Gloom, they should have no problems dispatching them.

When the party reaches the Warden of Whispers, a torrent of demons will be unleashed upon them. As soon as a party member enters the aggro circle of the Warden, the assault will begin, therefore, it is recommended that if the party is going to set up their defensive positions, they should not talk to the Warden or come close enough to him.

The approaching demon horde will be massive. No fewer than 10 waves (some as small as three, some as large as six) assault the party furiously. It is advised that the party tanks hold position around the little bend that leads into the crack where the patrol is hiding, as such forcing enemies to be stuck in them as they try to go around the corner to get to softer targets. The demons have an array of skills that can counter many defensive approaches such as heavy enchantment removal and stance breaking.