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Disambiguous.png This article is about the quest in Vabbi. For the quest on Shing Jea Island, see To the Rescue (Factions). For the repeatable quest in the Domain of Anguish, see To the Rescue!.



  1. Search the mines for Belgun's assistants.
  2. Defeat the Kournan and Margonite guards and free Assistant Lenahn.
  3. Survive the onslaught of Kournan and Margonite troops.
  4. See Belgun the Quarry Master for your reward.

Obtained from

Belgun the Quarry Master in Vehjin Mines


Data Mining
Master of Whispers must be in your party



"It's hard to find good help these days. And wouldn't you know it my two best assistants, Lenahn and Jenahn, are gone! I'm sure those Kournan slobs are involved. My workers told me where they were last seen. We must hurry! The Kournans must be taken seriously, especially now that they have Margonite demons working with them."
Accept: "Let's go. We'll find them."
Reject: "Oooh! Is that something shiny? I'll be right back...."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Master of Whispers: "Belgun, has your time in the mine dulled your senses? One too many rocks fallen on that thick skull of yours? How did you let these Kournan rascals cause so much trouble in the mines?"
Belgun the Quarry Master: "I will best you in a duel any day, young Master of Whispers. If I recall, you spent a lot of your time on your backside during our training sessions!"

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Assistant Lenahn: "Thank you for coming to my rescue. Those horrible demons took my brother Jenahn to the coffer of Joko. Watch out! Here come reinforcements!"

Reward Dialogue

"I can see why the Master of Whispers has aided you. The enemy's vile plan is clear to me now. We must hurry if we are to stop them."


Coffer of Joko


Follow the quest marker to Lenahn and defeat the force mixed with Margonites and Kournan that are guarding him. Once the dialogue is complete, several more waves will begin assaulting from both directions. They are not paricularly difficult, but if you don't take them down quickly enough, you'll soon be overwhelmed by their numbers. The last wave contains a monk boss.



  • Second in a chain of six quests:
  1. Belgun the Quarry Master: Data Mining
  2. Belgun the Quarry Master: To the Rescue
  3. Belgun the Quarry Master: Coffer of Joko
  4. Belgun the Quarry Master: Puzzling Parchment
  5. Hedge Wizard Mabai: Garden Chores
  6. Hedge Wizard Mabai: One Man's Dream
Bug.png Bug! The quest will be updated once the last of the waves is defeated. If the quest does not update, a wave may have gotten stuck. If this happens, simply check the spawn points by walking a short distance in one direction or the other, then kill them where they stand.

Quest Series
Data Mining · To The Rescue · Coffer Of Joko · Puzzling Parchment · Garden Chores · One Man's Dream