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A Touch Ranger, or "toucher," makes use of a Ranger's durability to get close to his opponents and spam "touch" skills from the necromancer's arsenal to steal his opponents' health. A touch ranger typically uses a max rank in Expertise (16 with a Superior Rune) to reduce the energy cost of the key skills Vampiric Bite and Vampiric Touch (which are duplicates), and a max rank in Blood Magic to maximize the life stealing of those skills.

A touch ranger usually wields a +5 energy melee weapon (an axe or sword) and a +12 energy Blood Magic focus item. Many have a set of +15/-1 equipment as well, for higher maximum energy. A wand or staff with a Blood Magic +1 bonus are also sometimes used. One-handed ranged weapons with energy bonuses can also be used, but the Ranger must still be in melee range to use the touch skills. The ranger's armor typically has Radiant insignia and Runes of Attunement.

In addition to the two vampiric touch skills, touch rangers equip the elite skill Offering of Blood for energy management. Other common skills include Throw Dirt and Whirling Defense for survival, Plague Touch for condition removal, and Dodge/Zojun's Haste to chase fleeing opponents. Other touch skills, skills affected by Expertise's energy reduction, or Blood Magic skills can offer variations on the standard touch ranger skillbar. Common variants include Lightning Reflexes, Awaken the Blood, Blood Renewal, Barbed Signet, Signet of Agony, and Touch of Agony/Wallow's Bite.