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Treasure refers to a specific type of chest found only in Elona that does not require a key to reveal its contents. When opened, treasure drops gold and items. Unlike key-locked chests, treasure does not respawn after rezoning, it is always located in the same spot, its yields are more predictable, and it can only be opened about once every 30 days.

Opening these do not count towards the Treasure Hunter title.

Loot from treasure[]

Opening a chest causes gold to be added directly to a character's inventory (the amount will be noted in the chat window). Treasure also drops either a jewel or an item of gold or purple rarity. The amount of gold and the item quality varies, depending on the explorable area in which it is located and the number of times the character has revealed its contents. Initial amounts vary from 500Gold in Istan to 3000Gold in the Realm of Torment. The value of the gold and the value of the are linked: higher amounts of gold are found with gold items, lesser amounts with purple ones.

If a character attempts to visit a treasure more often than once every 30 days, a "magical force" will prevent them from opening it until another 30 days have passed.

Diminishing returns[]

The expected return for collecting all 12 treasures is approximately 20Platinum for the first run dropping to as low as 4-5Platinum per run eventually. These numbers can be increased substantially by identifying the loot found and trading with NPCs or other players.

The exact mechanics of the diminishing returns are still not fully understood. Players have discussed the possibilities, but have failed to collect enough data to support any particular theory; most of the evidence remains anecdotal. However, Joe Kimmes has responded to various questions from the community and we can establish some baselines for what to believe:

  • The value of treasure diminishes per character, not per account.
  • Each treasure opened contributes to this decay, whether the treasure is located in Istan or in the Realm of Torment.
  • The decay is not mathematically noticeable until well after the first few treasures are opened (i.e. receiving a purple early on can be attributed to very bad luck as opposed to diminishing returns).
Speculative note.png Speculative note: These theories have some evidence to support them:
  • The minimum value of Istan treasure is approximately 100Gold or about 20% of the max.
  • The minimum value for Torment treasure is appoximately 700Gold or about 23% of the max.
  • The minimum values are not reached quickly (i.e. it might take over a year of monthly visits before hitting the bottom).
Speculative note.png Speculative note: These remaining theories cannot be discounted by Joe Kimmes' comments, but also lack sufficient supporting evidence:
  • Opening the treasure sooner than 30 days resets the countdown.
  • Waiting longer than 30 days can reduce the rate of diminishing returns.

Types of treasure[]

There are three types of treasure:

  • Treasure Chest
  • Buried Treasure
  • Do Not Touch
    • These are guarded by hidden Immolated or Ruby Djinn; stand back and spread your party out before activating these.


Region Location Route Nearest outpost Maximum gold
Istan Issnur Isles Buried Treasure (Map) Beknur Harbor 500
Mehtani Keys Treasure Chest (Map) Kodlonu Hamlet
Kourna Arkjok Ward Buried Treasure (Map) Command Post 1,000
Jahai Bluffs Treasure Chest (Map) Command Post
Bahdok Caverns Do Not Touch (Map) Moddok Crevice
Vabbi The Mirror of Lyss Buried Treasure (Map) The Kodash Bazaar 2,000
The Hidden City of Ahdashim Treasure Chest (Map) Dasha Vestibule
Forum Highlands Do Not Touch (Map) Tihark Orchard
The Desolation The Sulfurous Wastes Treasure Chest (Map) Remains of Sahlahja 3,000
The Ruptured Heart Buried Treasure (Map) The Mouth of Torment
Realm of Torment Nightfallen Jahai Treasure Chest (Map) Gate of Pain 3,000
Domain of Pain Treasure Chest (Map) or
Boss-free route (Map)
Gate of Fear


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  • The "Do Not Touch" in Bahdok Caverns cannot be reached during the Moddok Crevice mission.
  • Opening treasures in hard mode does not increase values.
  • Treasures reset 30 days from the last time opened or the completion of the final Nightfall mission (which ever is more recent). Those attempting to gain treasure before the 30 days have expired have to wait another 30 days.
  • Treasure limits are per character (not per account).
  • Gold found in Treasure is not shared with the rest of the party.
Historical note.png Historical note: Previously, treasure in Elona was not subject to diminishing returns. It is not clear which update changed this.