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Treasure Hunter is a per account prestige title earned by opening high end chests. Players also receive a point in this title for each Golden Egg dropped for a character during Easter weekends.


Each Treasure Hunter rank earned grants the player a 3% bonus to their chance of retaining items after salvaging a magical upgrade and retaining a lockpick when opening a chest.

Treasure Hunter title track[]

Rank Title High-end chests opened Salvage/Lockpick bonus
1 Treasure Hunter 100 3%
2 Adept Treasure Hunter 250 6%
3 Advanced Treasure Hunter 550 9%
4 Expert Treasure Hunter 1,200 12%
5 Elite Treasure Hunter 2,500 15%
6 Master Treasure Hunter 5,000 18%
7 Grandmaster Treasure Hunter 10,000 21%


  • High end chests require a key costing at least 600Gold at a merchant.
  • The Wisdom and Treasure Hunter bonuses stack in determining the chance of retaining an item after salvaging a magical upgrade from it.
  • The Lucky and Treasure Hunter bonuses stack in determining the chance of retaining lockpicks after opening treasure chests.
  • The Treasure Hunter display in the Monument of Honor requires rank 7.
  • As of the June 11th 2009 update Treasure Hunter now contributes to gaining The Favor of the Gods.

Cost of becoming grandmaster[]

The lowest cost to earn the Grandmaster Treasure Hunter title is about 4,510Platinum, which requires purchasing 3,764 lockpicks at a Luxon or Kurzick Discount Merchant for 1.2Platinum each. Using all keys from regular merchants costs 6,000Platinum. Five different methods are compared below:

Method Cost per Key/Pick Total Cost Notes
Normal Keys 600 Gold 6000 Platinum Cheapest high-end keys available at outposts.
Discounted keys 480 Gold 4800 Platinum Cheapest high-end Keys available at Kurzick or Luxon discount merchants.
Lockpicks 1 Platinum 500 Gold 5646 Platinum 3,764 lockpicks purchased at merchants.
Trade-priced Lockpicks 1 Platinum 250 Gold 4705 Platinum 3,764 lockpicks traded at standard rate.
Discounted Lockpicks 1 Platinum 200 Gold 4516 Platinum 800 Gold 3,764 lockpicks purchased at Kurzick or Luxon discount merchants.
  • The costs above do not take into account loot found.
  • All methods assume that players open the lowest cost high-end chests, which also has the best retention rates for lockpicks (and provides the cheapest way to progress the Lucky title using lockpicks).
  • The standard trade price for lockpicks is 1 Platinum 250 Gold and is generally available in the major trading towns; the discount price is only available at Factions merchants.
  • The lockpick costs assume that the player starts with 0 points in Lucky & Treasure Hunter and that the player will use 3,764 picks to open 10,000 chests. The number of picks was determined by assuming that the player starts off opening 33 chests using 20 picks (at the 40% retention rate) and, near the end, can open over 45 chests with 20 picks (with an 18% bonus as a Master Treasure Hunter and an 8% bonus from being Prosperous).

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