Turai Ossa (disguise)

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Effect details
Turai Ossa (disguise)
Turai Ossa (disguise).jpg
Campaign: Bonus Mission Pack
Type: Disguise

You are Turai Ossa. Your Health, Energy, skills and attributes have been adjusted accordingly.

Notes[edit | edit source]

"For Elona!".jpg

"For Elona!"

Dragon Slash (Turai Ossa).jpg

Dragon Slash (Turai Ossa)

Whirlwind Attack (Turai Ossa).jpg

Whirlwind Attack (Turai Ossa)

Distracting Blow.jpg

Distracting Blow

"For Great Justice!".jpg

"For Great Justice!"

Endure Pain.jpg

Endure Pain

Healing Signet.jpg

Healing Signet

Giant Stomp (Turai Ossa).jpg

Giant Stomp (Turai Ossa)