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Skill details
Turtle Shell
Monster skill.jpg
Campaign Factions
Profession None
Attribute Unlinked
Type Stance

Full: Reduces damage from non-critical hits.

Concise: Reduces damage from non-critical hits.



  • This skill is used by most members of the Turtle species.
  • The damage reduction is equal to the creature's level. A level 23 Kappa will have all direct damage to it reduced by 23 points.
  • Note that this damage reduction takes place after calculating the damage reduction from the turtle's armor. In this respect, it acts like the monk spell Shielding Hands.
  • The recharging mechanism is not clear; some turtles have been observed to re-enter the stance quite quickly. The skill description shows no activation cost or recharge time, so it is possible that the skill may recharge instantly.
  • This skill cannot reduce damage dealt to the user to 0. The lowest the damage can go is 1.
  • For skills like Pain Inverter with a damage cap, the damage cap will be applied BEFORE Turtle Shell. To clarify, Pain Inverter can do maximum 80 damage, but will only do up to 58 damage against a level 22 turtle with this skill.