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Path and points of commanders


  1. Convice Kareh Ossa's commanders to align with Joko by defeating them in combat. You have defeated 0...4 of 4 commanders.
  2. See Palawa Joko for your reward.

Obtained from

General Farrund in The Alkali Pan


Strange Bedfellows



"Kareh Ossa is gone and his forces remain leaderless. If left unchecked, this power vacuum will spur infighting until another warlord takes his place. Now is your chance to assemble the splintered factions at Joko's side. Venture into the Alkali Pan and face those who would dare stand against Palawa Joko. Crush them in combat and convince these traitors that Palawa Joko's banner is the side with which they should align themselves."
Accept: "By your command."
Reject: "I don't take my frakkin' orders from you."

Reward Dialogue

"You did well handling that foolish excuse for a warmarshal, and I am impressed that you managed to do the job with so few casualties! His troops should provide the additional strength I need to protect the palace from any further assaults. It will be secure enough for you to use as a base for your operations. If only Turai could see me now!"


There are four commanders in total: Commander Mosek, Commander Yamji, Commander Lohgor, and Commander Giturh. Follow the quest markers across the Alkali Pan to their locations. Be wary of Desert Wurms as you wander this area, unlike in previous areas, two of them may show up at the same time.

The commanders will turn friendly once you've managed to reduce their health to about 20% and the quest will update. Any remaining Awakened forces with that commander will also turn friendly, so it is possible to finish the fight quickly by just focusing damage on the commander.