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Unholy Temples
Unholy Temples.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Relic Run
Part of: The Rift
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The Unholy Temples is normally the fourth PvP map in the Global Tournament. It is a "Relic Run" map with 2 teams. To win this map, your team must score more points than your opponent. In the Unholy Temples, each team has a Ghostly Hero and a Resurrection Shrine.

Points are scored by carrying your opponents' relic (which spawns in their base) to your Ghostly Hero who is back in your base. you gain one point for each relic captured. In the case of a tie, the team who captured a relic last wins.


  • The map can also be won early by handing in three more Relics than the opposing team has.
  • The Ghostly Hero will not follow you like in other match types, but he will attack enemies close to him and can be killed. Ghostly Hero will be resurrected automatically every even 2 minutes.
  • Killing your enemies' Ghost will prevent them from scoring until their Ghost is resurrected.
  • When the Ghost resurrects, he will run from the resurrection shrine to his place a short distance away where he will continue to stand. If you are holding a relic and waiting for him to be resurrected, you can wait at the resurrection shrine and capture as soon as he spawns.
  • The last team to hand in a relic has a star displayed near its score. In the event of a tie, the team with the star wins the map.
Bug.png Bug! While running under the bridge and near the shores, it is very possible to get stuck in a glitch. If this happens, use the "/stuck" command and your problem may be fixed. Keep in mind that players and snares dropped on the bridge will affect players below the bridge and vice versa.


  • You are running relics to make offerings to one of the gods of Tyria. The blue team brings the relic of the red team to their Ghostly Hero to make offerings to Grenth while the red team plays to make offerings to Balthazar. The Ghost stands at the base of a statue to the god they are making offerings to.
  • Throughout the match the Ghost will praise you when you score and urge you to work harder when the enemy team scores.
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