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  1. Slay Grenn Mindvenom.
  2. Return to Erudine for your reward.

Obtained from

Erudine in Serenity Temple


Profession: Mesmer
Prophecies Character


  • 250 XP
  • Skills
Mesmer Diversion


"Have you also been studying the local flora and fauna? I find the storm riders in particular to be quite fascinating. It seems that they exhibit powers and abilities not dissimilar to those a Mesmer might use. I have studied a few of the smaller species, and I believe their tissue might be put to some beneficial purpose. I would like to take a sample of a particularly large subject called Grenn Mindvenom, which I have seen near the large crystal in Pockmark Flats.
Will you collect the tissue sample for me?"
Accept: "Sounds interesting. I'll do it."
Reject: "That sounds disgusting!"

Reward Dialogue

"Excellent! Now that I have this tissue, I can begin my experiments immediately. If things work as I have theorized, I believe I can concoct an elixir that will help repair those whose minds have been damaged by severe mental trauma."


Experimental Elixir


Grenn Mindvenom floats around the southern part of the great crater, together with his smaller companions of regular Storm Riders. Those storm riders move in small groups of two or three usually and travel comparatively large distances at high speed. They are not very difficult opponents, but in large numbers can be quite troublesome (especially to spellcasters because they like to cast Backfire). So be careful not to be surprised by another group while engaging one. There also are some Devourers lurking under the sand (in groups of three). To complete the quest, you must obtain the Storm Rider Tissue Sample that is dropped from Grenn Mindvenom and return it to Erudine.