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  1. Clear the Labyrinth of the invading Dryder force. You have 6...0 remaining.
  2. Return to Reaper of the Labyrinth for your reward. [sic]

Obtained from

Reaper of the Labyrinth in The Underworld


Clear the Chamber



"The stench of the Terrorwebs still lingers in the Labyrinth. The Vengeful Aatxe have been enchanted by a Keeper of Souls. No blade, hammer, or spell in any world can do harm to them while the Keeper lives. Kill the Keeper to disable his potent magics, and the Vengeful Aatxe will follow him into death. If you do this, the death god will look upon your actions and smile."
Accept: "I'll do it!"
Reject: "I can't help you!"

Reward Dialogue

"A close call, perhaps, but nevertheless, the keeper and its vengeful aatxe have been destroyed. Grenth will be pleased at your actions."


Before accepting this quest make sure you clear the area around the entire Labyrinth and the best approach is to also first free both the Reaper of the Forgotten Vale and the Reaper of the Ice Wastes. Then take the quest and use the teleport function to attack the Keeper of Souls from behind. Be sure to study the patrol patterns of the monsters if you aren't familiar with them.

After accepting the quest, six different groups will spawn throughout the Labyrinth. Each group consists of one Keeper of Souls, three Terrorweb Dryders, and three Vengeful Aatxe. Don't target the Vengeful Aatxe since they are invulnerable to damage, instead keep them occupied while killing the Keeper. Knockdowns, cripple and blindness still affect the Aatxes, which can be useful to limit the damage they can inflict. Kill the Terrorweb Dryders if they are preventing you from safely reaching the Keeper. Return to the Reaper of the Labyrinth once all six Keepers have been dealt with to claim your reward.


  • Make sure you do NOT have the Escort of Souls quest running concurrently. This is a common mistake for groups in the Underworld and will almost always result in a wipe due to the death of a New Soul.