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Species: Plant
Profession: -icon.png
Level(s): 30 (32)
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Urgoz is a corrupted spirit and former guardian of the Echovald Forest. He once was a noble guardian, protecting the forest and all life in it and working with the Kurzicks who dwell there to maintain its safety. However, after the Jade Wind petrified most of the forest, Urgoz and his Warden followers became corrupted. They threaten humans living in the forest more every day.

The Kurzicks now fear Urgoz and wish him destroyed. This is the objective of the Elite Mission: Urgoz's Warren.


Skills used[]

Items dropped[]

Defeating Urgoz spawns a chest that each player can use. This chest spawns one inscribable rare item or one of Urgoz's unique weapons. This chest also spawns three Amber Chunks and one Mystical Summoning Stone.

In Hard Mode, players will receive two items and six chunks of amber, as well as the normal rewards of one Mystical Summoning Stone and one Passage Scroll to Urgoz's Warren.

Urgoz's Unique Weapons


When players approach the final bridge leading to his inner sanctum:

So, you have come at last. I have foreseen your arrival...just as I have foreseen your doom!
It is your fate to die in this place.
You will never escape!

When crossing the bridge:

Which path shall you follow? They all lead to your demise!

When attacking from each of the three sides:

The blood drinkers will feast on your corpses!
Let the wardens put an end to your misery, human.
Breathe deeply the corruption of the forest...share its agony!
The Kurzicks who lived here long ago knew they could not escape their destinies. You too will learn the folly of fighting the inevitable.
It is as I have forseen. You WILL die here!

When the party finally enters into his sanctum:

I knew you would make it this far...but soon you shall be no more. It is your destiny.


  • Urgoz's range is as wide as the radar, so be careful when moving around him.
  • For details on how to defeat Urgoz, see the article Urgoz's Warren.