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Urgoz's Warren
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Mission location
Part of: Echovald Forest
House zu Heltzer

For information on the mission, see Urgoz's Warren (mission).


This location is the staging area for the Elite Mission of the same name. Long ago, a group of Kurzicks lived in the area, but were killed by Urgoz when he claimed the area. The maximum party size is 12.

Getting there[]

There are two ways to gain access:





  • Before the April 19th, 2007 game update, it was only freely accessible to the alliance holding House Zu Heltzer. Players from other guilds then had to find a ferry or taxi, ie. a player belonging to one of the guilds in the alliance holding House Zu Heltzer to teleport them.
  • Unlike other Kurzick merchants, Edmund Gruca will do business with Luxon-aligned players, and sells Stoneroot Keys.
  • It is possible to ferry any player in your alliance or guild back and forth Urgoz. To do this, they must have been to the location before (using one of the methods above). One way of accessing Urgoz long term is to have a member of your alliance permanently keep a character in Urgoz. Once a character has used a scroll to get into Urgoz, then that character travels to their Guild Hall. He can then add other players to his party and leave the guild hall, arriving back at Urgoz. If a member of the party has not been there previously, they will not be allowed in.