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Bob Skills[]

  • Bob's Aura - All hostile animated Bobs in the area become bound to you. Bob's Aura ends after 120...264 seconds. When Bob's Aura ends, you lose your bond with any Bobs bound to you. (50% failure chance with Bob Magic 4 or less.)
  • Aura of Bob - All Bobs within earshot are exploited and you animate a level 1...14 Bob plus one for each Bob exploited in this way. For 5...37 seconds, your Bob Magic attribute is increased by +1.
  • Strike as Bob - Your Bob instantly moves to target Bob and causes Bleeding for 5...13 seconds with its next attack. The next time you hit with an attack, target Bob is Crippled for 5...13 seconds.

Dr Ishmael Diablo the chicken.gif

  • Bob. Send out a Bob that strikes target Bob for 20...56 Bob damage if it hits. Obobby.

  • Blood Bob Enchantment Bob. For 5...17 seconds, target other Bob gains +1...5 Bob regeneration and you suffer -3 Bob degeneration.
  • Awaken the Bob Enchantment Bob. For 20...39 seconds, you gain +2 Bob Magic and +2 Bob, but whenever you sacrifice Bob, you sacrifice 50% more Bob than normal.

F4Sig.jpg † The Falling Bob©

  • Bob's Signet Elite Signet. For 0...19 seconds, bobs you apply while wielding a bob last 100% longer.
  • Bob Focus Preparation. For 24 seconds, your bob attacks cost 1...2 less bob and deal 1...8 extra bob.
  • Bob's Focus Elite Bobberation. For 12...22 seconds, your bob skills are not easily Bobtible and your Bob Survival attribute is increased by 0...2.
  • Bobbing Reflexes Stance. For 5...10 seconds, you have a 75% chance to bob melee and projectile bobs, and you bob 33% faster.
  • Point Bob Shot Bob Attack. Shoot a bob that has half the normal range, but strikes for +10...34 bob.
  • Bob's Speed Stance. For 5...25 seconds, your Bobs recharge 25% faster and activate 25% faster. This stance ends if you successfully hit with a Bob.

--TalkpageEl_Nazgir 13:31, 20 January 2009 (UTC)

  • Ray of Bobment Spell. For 10-15 seconds, a ray of Bob hits target Bob's original location. This attack deals 808 damage to any Bob's in the area of this spell. When this spell ends, the caster is enchanted with Contemplation of Bob.
  • Contemplation of Bob Enchantment Spell. For 20-30 seconds, you gain +4 Health and Energy regeneration and are immune to conditions. Xunlai Shadow Agent 23:19, 12 April 2009 (UTC)
  • Bob Form Elite Bob Spell. For 5...18...21 seconds, all hostile Bobs that target Bob fail and all bobs against you miss, but you deal 33% less Bob. When Bob Form ends, lose all but 5...41...50 Bob.
  • Bob's Pendulum Elite Bob Spell. For 5...9...10 seconds, the next time target Bob would be Bob'd by a Bob, that Bob is Bob'd instead.
  • "I Am The Bob" Bob. Your next 5...8 Bobs do an additional +14...20 Bobs. [Bob Title Track]
  • Bob Assassin Support Summon a level 14...20 Bob Assassin that has Iron Bob, Bob Fangs and Nine Bob Strike. This summoned Assassin Bob Steps to target Bob. If that foe is a Bob, the Assassin lives for 24...30 seconds. If target foe is not a Bob, the Assassin lives for 12...15 seconds. [Bob Title Track]