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The Rise of Bob![edit | edit source]

Talk:Royal Finance Minister Oluda

Bob Weapons[edit | edit source]

Bob's Soul Bobber

   Bobbing Bobbage: 9-41 (req. 9 Bob Mastery) 
   Inscription: "Bob and Bobber" 
   Damage +15% (while Bob is above 50%) 

Spear of the Bobslayer

   Bob Bobbage: 14-27 (Requires 9 Bob Mastery) 
   Bobbage+15% (while Bob is above 50%) 
   Bob penetration +20% (Chance: 20%) 
   Bob +30  

Bob's Divinity

   Bobbergy +12 (Requires 9 Bob Favor) 
   Halves skill recharge of Bobs (10%) 
   Bob +30 

Bobualistic Bobly Staff

   Bobbergy +15 
   Bobning Bobbage: 11-22 (Requires 9 Bob Power) 
   Halves skill recharge of Bobs (Chance: 20%) 
   Bobments last 20% longer 
   Bobbergy +5 (while Bob is above 50%) 

The Bobspear

   Bob Bobbage: 14-27 (Requires 9 Bob Mastery) 
   Bob +15% (while Bob is above 50%) 
   Bob stealing: 3 
   Bob regeneration -1 
   Bob +30 

Bob's Influence

   Bob Bobbage: 11-22 (Requires 9 Bob Reaping) 
   Halves Bob recharge of Bobs (Chance: 10%) 
   Halves Bobbing time of Bobs (Chance: 10%)