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Missions Explored[]

Dunes of despair,The Great Northern Wall, The Frost Gate

Towns Explored[]


Maybe.pngTyria (Continent)[]

Currently 100%


Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Nope.png Ascalon Foothills Yes.png
Nope.png The Breach Maybe.pngMaybe E
Nope.png Diessa Lowlands Yes.png
Nope.png Dragon's Gullet Yes.png
Nope.png Eastern Frontier Maybe.png Needs Scrape
Nope.png Flame Temple Corridor Yes.png
Nope.png Old Ascalon Maybe.png Below arena and E
Nope.png Pockmark Flats Yes.png
Nope.png Regent Valley Maybe.pngZ?

Maybe.pngNorthern Shiverpeaks[]

Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Nope.png Anvil Rock Yes.png
Nope.png Deldrimor Bowl Yes.png
Nope.png Griffon's Mouth Yes.png
Nope.png Iron Horse Mine Maybe.png Maybe South
Nope.png Traveler's Vale Yes.png


Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Nope.png The Black Curtain Yes.png
Nope.png Cursed Lands Yes.png
Nope.png Kessex Peak Maybe.png
Nope.png Majesty's Rest Yes.png
Nope.png Nebo Terrace Yes.png
Nope.png North Kryta Province Yes.png
Nope.png Scoundrel's Rise Maybe.png
Nope.png Stingray Strand Yes.png
Nope.png Talmark Wilderness Yes.png
Nope.png Tears of the Fallen Yes.png
Nope.png Twin Serpent Lakes Yes.png
Nope.png Watchtower Coast Yes.png
Nope.png Aurora Glade Yes.png

Maybe.pngMaguuma Jungle[]

Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Nope.png Dry Top Yes.png
Nope.png Ettin's Back Yes.png
Nope.png Mamnoon Lagoon Yes.png
Nope.png Reed Bog Yes.png
Nope.png Sage Lands Yes.png
Nope.png Silverwood Yes.png
Nope.png Tangle Root Yes.png
Nope.png The Falls Yes.png

Yes.pngCrystal Desert[]

Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Nope.png The Arid Sea Yes.png
Nope.png Diviner's Ascent Yes.png
Nope.png Prophet's Path Yes.png
Nope.png Salt Flats Yes.png
Nope.png The Scar Yes.png
Nope.png Skyward Reach Yes.png
Nope.png Vulture Drifts Yes.png

Maybe.pngSouthern Shiverpeaks[]

Double Checked Area Everything Explored

Nope.png Dreadnought's Drift Yes.png
Nope.png Frozen Forest Yes.png
Nope.png Grenth's Footprint Maybe.png Portal Jump
Nope.png Ice Floe Yes.png
Nope.png Icedome Yes.png
Nope.png Lornar's Pass Nope.png ?
Nope.png Mineral Springs Yes.png
Nope.png Snake Dance Maybe.pngMaybe East
Nope.png Spearhead Peak Yes.png
Nope.png Talus Chute Yes.png
Nope.png Tasca's Demise Yes.png
Nope.png Witman's Folly Yes.png

No.pngRing of Fire Island Chain[]

Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Nope.png Perdition Rock Yes.png


Currendly 100%


Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Nope.png Cliffs of Dohjok Yes.png
Yes.png Fahranur, The First City Yes.png
Yes.png Issnur Isles Yes.png
Yes.png Lahtenda Bog Yes.png
Yes.png Mehtani Keys Yes.png
Yes.png Plains of Jarin Yes.png
Nope.png Zehlon Reach Yes.png


Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Yes.png Arkjok WardMaybe Maybe.png
Check Box.JPG Bahdok Caverns Check Box.JPG
Yes.png Barbarous Shore Maybe somthing N/W Maybe.png
Yes.png Dejarin Estate Yes.png
Yes.png The Floodplain of Mahnkelon Maybe.png
Yes.png Gandara, the Moon Fortress (Some on maps N) Yes.png
Yes.png Jahai Bluffs O Maybe.png
Yes.png Marga Coast Yes.png
Yes.png Sunward Marches Z/E Nope.png
Yes.png Turai's Procession Yes.png


Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Yes.png Forum Highlands Yes.png
Yes.png Garden of Seborhin Yes.png
Check Box.JPG The Hidden City of Ahdashim Check Box.JPG
Yes.png Holdings of Chokhin (S/W) Maybe.png
Yes.png The Mirror of Lyss Yes.png
Yes.png Resplendent Makuun Yes.png
Yes.png Vehjin Mines (S)? Maybe.png
Nope.png Vehtendi Valley Nope.png
Yes.png Wilderness of Bahdza S Maybe.png
Yes.png Yatendi Canyons Yes.png

Maybe.pngThe Desolation[]

Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Yes.png The Alkali Pan W Maybe.png
Yes.png Crystal Overlook (N) Maybe.png
Yes.png Joko's Domain Yes.png
Yes.png Poisoned Outcrops Yes.png
Yes.png The Ruptured Heart Yes.png
Yes.png The Shattered Ravines Yes.png
Yes.png The Sulfurous Wastes N/W Maybe Maybe.png


Currendly 100%

Yes.png Shing Jea Island[]

Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Yes.png Haiju Lagoon Yes.png
Yes.png Jaya Bluffs Yes.png
Yes.png Kinya Province Yes.png
Yes.png Minister Cho's Estate Yes.png
Yes.png Panjiang Peninsula Yes.png
Yes.png Saoshang Trail Yes.png
Yes.png Sunqua Vale Yes.png
Yes.png Zen Daijun Yes.png
Yes.png Monastery Overlook Yes.png

Maybe.pngKaineng City[]

Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Yes.png Bukdek Byway Yes.png
Yes.png Nahpui Quarter Yes.png
Yes.png Pongmei Valley Yes.png
Yes.png Raisu Palace Yes.png
Yes.png Shadow's Passage Yes.png
Yes.png Shenzun Tunnels Nope.pngNW
Yes.png Sunjiang District Yes.png
Yes.png Tahnnakai Temple Yes.png
Yes.png Wajjun Bazaar Yes.png
Yes.png Xaquang Skyway Nope.pngZW
Yes.png Kaineng Docks Yes.png
Yes.png Bejunkan Pier Yes.png
Yes.png Divine Path Yes.png
Yes.png Vizunah Square Nope.png

Maybe.pngEchovald Forest[]

Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Yes.png Arborstone Yes.png
Nope.png Drazach Thicket Maybe.png
Nope.png The Eternal Grove Maybe.png
Nope.png Ferndale Maybe.png
Nope.png Melandru's Hope Maybe.png
Nope.png Morostav Trail Maybe.png
Nope.png Mourning Veil Falls Maybe.png

Maybe.pngJade Sea[]

Double Checked Area Everything Explored
Nope.png Archipelagos Maybe.png
Yes.png Boreas Seabed Yes.png
Nope.png Gyala Hatchery Maybe.png
Yes.png Maishang Hills Yes.png
Nope.png Mount Qinkai Maybe.png
Nope.png Rhea's Crater Maybe.png
Nope.png Silent Surf Maybe.png
Yes.png Unwaking Waters Nope.png