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Skills with red borders around them are still locked.
"Brace Yourself!".jpg "Can't Touch This!".jpg "Fall Back!".jpg "Find Their Weakness!".jpg "Go for the Eyes!".jpg "Help Me!".jpg "Lead the Way!".jpg "Make Haste!".jpg "Make Your Time!".jpg "Never Give Up!".jpg "Never Surrender!".jpg "Stand Your Ground!".jpg
"They're on Fire!".jpg "We Shall Return!".jpg Aggressive Refrain.jpg Angelic Protection.jpg Anthem of Disruption.jpg Anthem of Envy.jpg Anthem of Flame.jpg Anthem of Weariness.jpg Aria of Restoration.jpg Aria of Zeal.jpg Awe.jpg Ballad of Restoration.jpg
Barbed Spear.jpg Bladeturn Refrain.jpg Blazing Finale.jpg Blazing Spear.jpg Burning Refrain.jpg Burning Shield.jpg Chest Thumper.jpg Chorus of Restoration.jpg Disrupting Throw.jpg Enduring Harmony.jpg Energizing Chorus.jpg Energizing Finale.jpg
Finale of Restoration.jpg Glowing Signet.jpg Godspeed.jpg Harrier's Toss.jpg Hasty Refrain.jpg Hexbreaker Aria.jpg Holy Spear.jpg Inspirational Speech.jpg Leader's Comfort.jpg Leader's Pride.jpg Lyric of Purification.jpg Lyric of Zeal.jpg
Mending Refrain.jpg Merciless Spear.jpg Mighty Throw.jpg Natural Temper.jpg Nonsensical Spear.jpg Purifying Finale.jpg Remedy Signet.jpg Signet of Aggression.jpg Signet of Return.jpg Signet of Synergy.jpg Slayer's Spear.jpg Song of Concentration.jpg
Song of Power.jpg Spear of Lightning.jpg Spear of Redemption.jpg Spear Swipe.jpg Swift Javelin.jpg Unblockable Throw.jpg Vicious Attack.jpg Wearying Spear.jpg Wild Throw.jpg Zealous Anthem.jpg

"Incoming!".jpg "It's Just a Flesh Wound.".jpg "The Power Is Yours!".jpg Angelic Bond.jpg Anthem of Fury.jpg Anthem of Guidance.jpg Cautery Signet.jpg Crippling Anthem.jpg Cruel Spear.jpg Defensive Anthem.jpg Focused Anger.jpg Soldier's Fury.jpg
Song of Purification.jpg Song of Restoration.jpg Stunning Strike.jpg