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Game basics
Guilds, professions, skills and gear
  • Professions – The different character classes and their attributes.
    • Skills – Skill lists, sorted by various criteria.
    • Elite Skills – Where to find the elite skills for each profession.
  • Armor – List of all armor sets in the game.
    • Runes – Apply them to your armor to improve attributes.
    • Insignias – Provide bonus for armor sets crafted in Elona.
  • Weapons – Weapons, Focus Items and Shields.
  • Items – Miscellaneous Items that can be obtained.
  • Guilds – How to create and maintain a Guild.
    • Alliances – Groups of guilds banded together
  • Heroes and Henchmen – Managing NPCs in your party.
  • [Build:Main Page|Builds] – Character and team configurations.
  • Titles – Your personal in-game achievements.
  • Quick access links – commonly requested information.
Gameplay types

PvE – Player vs. Environment[edit | edit source]

PvP – Player vs. Player[edit | edit source]

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