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A copy of User:Echo ftw's user page to help with spacing problems. Will delete soon.

Rasputin zomg! Builds For my own reference Better Builds Readem you are a god

Defy Pain.jpg This user is a user Box noob.
Deflect Arrows.jpg This user has a theory that the spartans in 300 abuse this skill.
Gwhax.jpg This user has Guild Wars Hax that allow him to use 2 elites on the same skill bar.
Awe.jpg This user is retarded and cant figure out how to fix the spacing on this page, please help me.
Gif this user is going to attempt an animated guild wars gif series, but can not post it on guru to let people see as i have been banned there.
Defy Pain.jpg this user thinks that Defy Pain has the best skill icon hands down and if you disagree will kill you.
Mark of Protection.jpg this user is a monk.
Ascalon City (Pre-Searing).jpg this user ATTEMPTED the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title but found that pre-searing actually sucks ass.
Protective Spirit.jpg This user is convinced that Rasputin's build will one day be revield and will become the ultimated greifer build.

In-game Characters
Name Profession Level Notes
Rakj Grazon Warrior 20 W/X. Use him for capping leets for PvP when im too lazy to get faction, and fool around on. ATTEMTPING the factions campiang to get the rit leet vengful was some guy to try some solo UW
Echo Ftw Monk 20 Mo/Me, usually healer,made a 55, jsut to realize 55's are pretty muched nerfed. gunna try the dual UW that uses smiter monk with my bud. im going to start doing campaigs with her
Echo the (what ever prof i am) Any 20 will be my PvP char. Ill usually have a Necro, Monk, and a Ranger all ready made

[[[:Image:Rakjkillchar.gif]]] my 1st Guild Wars gif. not in SK anymore.. to lazy to remove

[[[:Image:Leetguildwars.gif]]] still working on this one.. pretty good so far =P

Rasputin zomg!