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{{User Monk}}
{{User Monk}}
{{userbox|blue|white|id=[[Image:Lightning Orb.jpg]]|info=This user thinks [[Dodgeball (scrimmage)|dodgeball]] is the best form of PvP.|border-color=green}}
{{userbox|blue|white|id=[[Image:Lightning Orb.jpg]]|info=This user thinks [[Dodgeball (scrimmage)|dodgeball]] is the best form of PvP.|border-color=green}}
{{userbox|float=left|border-width=2|border-color=black|logo-background=black|logo=[[Image:Inspirational Speech.jpg]]|info-background=#eee|info-color=#222|info='''This user contributed to GuildWiki before it sold out.'''}} {{clear}}
<div style="clear:left"><hr></div>
== Builds I Use ==
PvE Build I use for my Monk.
{{attributes | Monk | Elementalist
| Healing Prayers | 12 + 2
| Divine Favor | 12 + 2 + 1
| Protection Prayers | 3
{{skill bar|Orison of Healing|Dwayna's Kiss|Word of Healing|Healing Touch|Seed of Life|Healing Seed|Glyph of Lesser Energy|Rebirth}}
And no I don't use Rebirth in Mid-Battle.
PvP Build I use in [[Random Arenas|RA]], [[Team Arenas|TA]], and [[Alliance Battles]].
{{attributes | Ritualist | Mesmer
| Restoration Magic | 12 + 1 + 3
| Illusion Magic | 12
| Spawning Power | 3 + 1
{{skill bar|Weapon of Remedy|Vengeful Weapon|Mend Body and Soul|Channeling|Ether Signet|Physical Resistance|Generous Was Tsungrai|Death Pact Signet}}
This is really fun in AB where most of the Assassins and Warriors will charge up to you a won't stop attacking till there dead and have no idea what any Ritualist Skills do.
And this is why henchies and heros are better than PUGS
{{skill bar|Flare|Fire Storm|Divine Healing|Healing Breeze|Heal Other|Heal Party|Aegis|Unyielding Aura}}
He was a MO/E. How he made it to the Gate of Fear I don't know.

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Yeah welcome to my user page. I'm being real lazy now and just putting alot of userboxes.

Persistence of Memory.jpg This user does not give up in endless battles in Random Arenas.
This User This user want's to know why you have to say "This user." in userboxes"
Faction (Luxon).jpg This user plays for the Luxons, but seriously thinks all those Luxon and Kurzick fanboys need to get a life.
Life That doesn't mean this user has a life though.
Prophecies Mission Icon.jpg This user thinks Prophecies is better than Factions and Nightfall.
Ritualist-icon.png This user thinks Ritualists got overnerfed in the last update.
Monk-icon.png This user is a Monk by nature.
Lightning Orb.jpg This user thinks dodgeball is the best form of PvP.
Inspirational Speech.jpg This user contributed to GuildWiki before it sold out.