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The information previously available on this page is now located in its complete form at GuildWiki:Style and formatting/Armor/Art.


This project is to reformat armor art articles so that they comply with the new style and formatting guidelines.

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Please ensure you have read and are familiar with the style and formatting before making any changes.

Each article needs the following sections to be tidied up before it can be checked off the list: art box, description, crafting, trading (if applicable), gallery inclusion and notes (if applicable). Ensure the headings are also correct and that the page is named correctly (Profession Type Armor).

Armor art box[]

  • Remove old parameters (i.e. icons).
  • Ensure the correct campaigns are listed and in the correct order (Prophecies > Nightfall).
  • List materials in alphabetical order.
  • Use the short material names (i.e. Cloth).
  • Separate links with a comma and space (i.e. Cloth, Silk). Don't use "and".
  • Use lower case for links under "usage" (i.e. Virtuoso's armor).
  • If several functions are listed shorten their names by removing "armor" (i.e. Virtuoso's).
  • Use profession specific names for common functions (i.e. Gladiator's armor instead of Radiant armor).
  • For functions with name variations, use the main name (same as Insignia) unless the armor is available with only one function (i.e. Mesmer Noble Armor should use Noble armor, not Virtuoso's armor though they link to the same place).
  • If the armor uses Insignia link to the Insignia article.
  • If the armor belongs to a common art type, set the variable art type to "yes".


  • Don't repeat information included elsewhere in the article.
  • Include PVP name.


Mesmer Kurzick Armor is an art type exclusive to the Factions Campaign. The prestige version of this art is Mesmer Ascended Kurzick Armor.
Elementalist Pyromancer's Armor is an art type available in the Prophecies Campaign. It is also used for PvP Magma Armor.
Paragon Ancient Armor is a prestige art type exclusive to the Nightfall Campaign.
  • "Exclusive" when it is limited to one campaign, with no PvP usage.
  • Include an italicized note about headgear if certain headgear is associated with the art, but doesn't belong to it.


The Elementalist Eyes are associated with this armor art in Nightfall.


The equivalent of this armor set for Assassins and Ritualists is Imperial Armor.


  • Ensure that all locations have been included (some Nightfall armors are missing crafters).
  • Do not include headgear crafting for headgear that corresponds to multiple art types. That information belongs on a separate page.
  • Make sure a white background is put before a green or gold one (not lightgrey).
  • If basic armor is available from the crafter add a note beneath the table specifying any difference in cost.


  • Name the article correctly (Profession Type Armor/Collector).
  • Included into quick reference page for armor collectors (e.g. Mesmer collector armor).
  • Use the same table formatting as the crafting table.

Gallery inclusion[]

  • Make sure any use of the pagename template is substituted (i.e. {{subst:PAGENAME}}).
  • Remove any clear templates.


  • Keep any notes current and concise.
  • Notes about dye or those specific to one gender's set of armor may be moved to the appropriate gallery if necessary.