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This user "Bulletm" prefers to use the enhanced profile.

Europe 70x40.png This user plays for the territory of Europe.

This user is primarily a PvE player.

Faction (Kurzick).jpg This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
Assassin-icon.png This user is an Assassin by nature.
Female-icon-small.png This user only uses female characters.

Personal Info[]

  • 25 years old
  • lives in the western part of Holland
  • Started playing Guild Wars in November 2006
  • Officer of [The Divine Ghosts]
Battle Scars.jpg This user solo'd Shiro Tagachi.


Primary Account:

Prophecies / Factions / Nightfall / Eye of the North / Bonus Missionpack
2480 hours / 14 months

Hero Icon.jpg This user has achieved the title Commander by winning 153 Hero Battles.
Faction (Kurzick).jpg This user has achieved the title Ally of the Kurzicks with 721,000 Faction exchanged.
Clover.gif This user has achieved the title Lucky for winning 139,405 tickets in games of chance.
Cat.gif This user has achieved the title Unlucky by losing 12,429 games of chance.
WarriorRaptor WarheartWarriorUser Bulletm Raptor Warheart.jpg

DervishAurora WarheartDervishUser Bulletm Aurora Warheart.jpg

AssassinAngelica WarheartAssassinUser Bulletm Angelica Warheart.jpg

ElementalistVictoria WarheartElementalistUser Bulletm Victoria Warheart.jpg

RangerYuki WarheartRangerUser Bulletm Yuki Warheart.jpg

MesmerFumika WarheartMesmerUser Bulletm Fumika Warheart.jpg

AssassinSakura Warheart (PvP)AssassinUser Bulletm Sakura Warheart.jpg

RitualistHitomi WarheartRitualistUser Bulletm Hitomi Warheart.jpg

ParagonIsis WarheartParagonUser Bulletm Isis Warheart.jpg

MonkNami WarheartMonkUser Bulletm Nami Warheart.jpg

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Secondary Account:

.. hours / 1 month

NecromancerKaiyo WrathchildNecromancerImage missing.svg

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