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Necromancer-icon.png Rose Of Kali - Primary Character[]

RoseOfKali character.jpg


Necromancer-icon.png This user is a Necromancer by nature.

Yup, henched it. =D

My first and most played character. She is spoiled and gets all the best I can afford.

  • Born: December 23, 2005
  • Skill Points remaining: 858/1,278; Total EXP: 14.8M
  • Current activity: Title grinding and saving for rare minis...
  • Has completed every quest in the game available to a Tyrian character, including all repeatables, at least once
  • Has 50/50 HoM reward points
  • Has unlocked and fully trained all 34 pets in the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds
  • UAX
  • Got an Eternal Blade on her first and only ever UWSC
  • Got an Everlasting Livia Tonic for her 6th Bday
Skills known: 1149/1318
Common/Reputation: Profession: *
  • The Profession skills include Kurzick, Luxon, and Sunspear skills.
  • Numbers in bold are max


Maxed: In Progress:
  1. Legendary Guardian
  2. Legendary Cartographer
  3. Legendary Skill Hunter
  4. Legendary Vanquisher
  5. Legendary Master of the North
  6. Life of the Party
  7. Incorrigible Ale-Hound
  8. Connoisseur of Confectionaries
  9. Legendary Spearmarshal
  10. Holy Lightbringer
  11. Not Too Shabby
  12. Slayer of All
  13. Secret Agent
  14. Legendary Delver
  15. Protector of Tyria
  16. Protector of Cantha
  17. Protector of Elona
  18. Guardian of Tyria
  19. Guardian of Cantha
  20. Guardian of Elona
  21. Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer
  22. Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer
  23. Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer
  24. Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter
  25. Canthan Elite Skill Hunter
  26. Elonian Elite Skill Hunter
  27. Tyrian Vanquisher
  28. Canthan Vanquisher
  29. Elonian Vanquisher
    My Guild Hall Smells of Rich Mahogany (5)
    Warden of the Luxons (8)
    Defender of the Kurzicks (7)
    Steward of the Zaishen (6)
    Wretched (5)
    Font of Wisdom (5)
    Elite Treasure Hunter (5)
    Prosperous (4)
    Numchuck Skillz (3)
    Triumphant Commander (3)
    Survivor Title Track (no title earned)
    Hero Title Track (no title earned)
    Champion Title Track (no title earned)
    Codex Title Track (no title earned)
    Gladiator Title Track (no title earned)
  • 1LDoA was earned by a Ranger, Fay Hellfire, since Rose left Pre long before the existence of titles.

Hall of Monuments[]

Seriously, me crazy.


Necromancer Obsidian Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Elite Cabal Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Elite Cultist Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Elite Necrotic Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Elite Profane Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Elite Scar Pattern Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Deldrimor Armor F dyed front.jpg
Necromancer Vabbian Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Ancient Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Primeval Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Elite Sunspear Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Asuran Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Monument Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Norn Armor F dyed front.jpg
Necromancer Elite Canthan Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Elite Kurzick Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Elite Luxon Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Luxon Armor F dyed front.jpg Necromancer Kurzick Armor F dyed front.jpg

Resources spent[]

Total resources spent on max armor (including common) and elite weapons for this character:

Armor Crafting Fees
1,023 Platinum
  Weapon Fees
55 Platinum
Rare Materials Common Loot Materials
105 Glob(s) of Ectoplasm
105 Obsidian Shard(s)
16 Ruby(s)
16 Sapphire(s)
101 Amber Chunk(s)
101 Jadeite Shard(s)
10 Lump(s) of Charcoal
119 Monstrous Fang(s)
35 Monstrous Claw(s)
7 Monstrous Eye(s)
355 Roll(s) of Vellum*
110 Roll(s) of Parchment*
64 Vial(s) of Ink*
5 Tempered Glass Vial(s)*
105 Elonian Leather Square(s)*
25 Leather Square(s)*
35 Deldrimor Steel Ingot(s)*
103 Steel Ingot(s)
28 Bolt(s) of Linen
10 Bolt(s) of Silk
21 Fur Square(s)
4,150 Tanned Hide Square(s)
1,225 Scale(s)
750 Bone(s)
250 Granite Slab(s)
210 Chitin Fragment(s)
50 Pile(s) of Glittering Dust
50 Bolt(s) of Cloth
35 Feather(s)
50 Diessa Chalice.png
100 Glacial Stone.png
250 Superb Charr Carving.png
250 Destroyer Core.png
11 Armbrace of Truth.png
110 Onyx Gemstone(s)
110 Diamond(s)
1,100 Iron Ingot(s)
2,750 Granite Slab(s)
  • * These rare materials have been crafted at Artisans.

Weapon Rack[]

Destroyer Staff.png Destroyer Scepter.png Destroyer Focus.png Tormented Scepter.png Tormented Focus.png Tormented Staff.png Tormented Shield.png Tormented Spear.png Tormented Axe.png Tormented Sword.png Tormented Longbow.png

Favorite Skill Bars[]

Necrosis.jpg Spiteful Spirit.jpg Insidious Parasite.jpg Pain Inverter.jpg Enfeebling Blood.jpg Signet of Lost Souls.jpg Protective Spirit.jpg Rebirth.jpg

Or for good fun:

Vampirism.jpg Bloodsong.jpg Pain.jpg Signet of Spirits.jpg Disenchantment.jpg Painful Bond.jpg Summon Spirits.jpg Armor of Unfeeling.jpg

Or for chest running Ice Cliffs:

Dwarven Stability.jpg Dash.jpg Shroud of Distress.jpg Mindbender.jpg Shadow Form.jpg Dark Escape.jpg "I Am Unstoppable!".jpg Feigned Neutrality.jpg


Dedicated to Rose Of Kali - 82[]

1st Year Birthday collection Yes.png
MiniBurningTitanIcon.pngMiniCharrShamanIcon.pngMiniKirinIcon.png MiniPrinceRurikIcon.pngMiniShiroTagachiIcon.pngMiniBoneDragonIcon.png
2nd Year Birthday collection Yes.png
3rd Year Birthday collection Yes.png
4th Year Birthday collection Maybe.png
5th Year Birthday collection Maybe.png
Canthan New Year Yes.png

Event Headgear[]

2006 Dragon Mask.png Furious Pumpkin Crown.png Wicked Hat F.png Stylish Yule Cap.png Great Horns of Grenth.png Freezie Crown.png Jester's Cap.png
2007 Demon Mask.png Scarecrow Mask.png Mummy Mask.png Wreath Crown.png Ice Crown.png
2008 Grasping Mask.png Zombie Face Paint.png Lupine Mask.png Rudi Mask.png Grentch Cap.png
2009 Imperial Dragon Mask.png Charr Hat.png Skeleton Face Paint.png Snow Crystal Crest.png Ice Shard Crest.png
2010 Sinister Dragon Mask.png Furrocious Ears.png Spectercles.png Divine Halo.png Demonic Horns.png
2011 Mirthful Dragon Mask.png Tricorne.png Reaper's Hood.png Festive Winter Hood.png Stylish Red Striped Scarf.png Stylish White Striped Scarf.png Stylish Black Scarf.png
Other Tengu Mask.png Lion Mask.png


Dwayna's Regalia F default front.jpgGrenth's Regalia F default front.jpg Agent of Balthazar F default front.jpgDisciple of Melandru F default front.jpg Shining Blade Uniform F default front.jpgWhite Mantle Disguise F default front.jpg
Lunatic Court Finery F default front.jpgRaiment of the Lich F default front.jpg Dapper Tuxedo F default front.jpgFormal Attire F default front.jpgWedding Couple Attire F default front.jpg

Stuff to do[]

  • Some day:
    • Titles:
      • Grandmaster Treasure Hunter
      • Source of Wisdom
      • Blessed/Cursed by Fate
      • Savior of the Luxons/Kurzicks
      • Legendary Hero of the Zaishen
      • ~Mighty Gladiator (3)
      • ~~Conquering Hero (6)
    • Minis:
      • All Birthday minis
      • All War in Kryta minis
      • Yakkington, Gwen Doll, Smite Crawler, ~Greased Lightning, ~Dhuum, ~Polar Bear
    • Gear:
    • Other:
      • Finish the progress table for the main 10


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