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Protector of Tyria:17/25 -__- bleeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh what a pain[]


Protector of Tyria

Protector of Cantha

Protector of Nightfall

Savior of the Kurzicks

Holy Lightbringer

Legendary Sunspear

Primary Missions[]

create a Prophecies character
Pre-Searing Ascalon
Message from a Friend
War Preparations
WarriorWarrior Test
RangerRanger Test
MonkMonk Test
NecromancerNecromancer Test
MesmerMesmer Test
ElementalistElementalist Test
Further Adventures
Unsettling Rumors
A Second Profession
To take a second profession, you must complete the quest matching that profession
WarriorGrawl Invasion
RangerThe Ranger's Companion
MonkA Monk's Mission
NecromancerThe Necromancer's Novice
MesmerA Mesmer's Burden
ElementalistThe Elementalist Experiment
The Path to Glory
0. Ascalon Academy
The Krytan Ambassador
The King's Message
Defend the Wall
1. The Great Northern Wall
2. Fort Ranik
Ruins of Surmia
3. Ruins of Surmia
4. Nolani Academy
Northern Shiverpeaks
The Way is Blocked
5. Borlis Pass
6. The Frost Gate
To Kryta: Refugees
To Kryta: The Ice Cave
To Kryta: Journey's End
7. Gates of Kryta
Report to the White Mantle
8. D'Alessio Seaboard
9. Divinity Coast
Maguuma Jungle
A Brother's Fury
10. The Wilds
11. Bloodstone Fen
White Mantle Wrath: Demagogue's Vanguard
White Mantle Wrath: A Helping Hand
Urgent Warning
12. Aurora Glade
Passage Through The Dark River
13. Riverside Province
14. Sanctum Cay
Crystal Desert
Sands Of Souls
15-17. Dunes of Despair 1
Thirsty River 1
Elona Reach 1
18. Augury Rock
19. The Dragon's Lair
Southern Shiverpeaks
Seeking the Seer
20. Ice Caves of Sorrow
21. Iron Mines of Moladune
22. Thunderhead Keep 2
Ring of Fire
Final Blow
23. Ring of Fire 2
24. Abaddon's Mouth 2
25. Hell's Precipice 2
The Titan Quests3
Defend Droknar's Forge
Defend Denravi 4
Defend North Kryta Province 4
The Last Day Dawns 4
The Titan Source