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Characters[edit | edit source]

Tyrian[edit | edit source]


Chris Lee started as a W/Mo near the time of the release of the Guild Wars Prophecies Campaign. At the time he was created, the onslaught of wammos was beginning. Almost all of the time, he uses a sword (an exception being his use of an axe for Desert Griffon farming, before the 3/2/06 game update. Contary to a common use of the W/Mo, he does not specializing in running. Chris Lee is currently a level 20 Warrior who has completed all of the PvE missions. He alternates second professions between W/Mo and W/E (for PvE). For his first ingame birthday, he recieved a Miniature Hydra, which was then sold for 100 platinum.

Frenzy.jpg Sun and Moon Slash.jpg Dragon Slash.jpg "For Great Justice!".jpg Sprint.jpg Bull's Strike.jpg Healing Signet.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg


Wizard Apocalypse was created shortly after Chris Lee, as an N/Me. However, he was not played until early 2006. His main build is centered around Curses such as Spiteful Spirit, though he began his adventures as a [Team_-_Blood_Spike|Blood Spiker]. He is currently a level 20 Necromancer who is in the Ring of Fire area. He has completed the Factions campaign. He sometimes uses a N/Mo Invinci-Necro build for farming. For his first ingame birthday, he recieved a Miniature Kirin.

Spiteful Spirit.jpg Arcane Echo.jpg Reckless Haste.jpg Enfeeble.jpg Parasitic Bond.jpg Price of Failure.jpg Spirit of Failure.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg


Mikael Freelance was created as a [R/W Bunny Thumper|R/W "Bunny Thumper"], who was created before the build was popularized. However, unlike the normal use of a Bunny Thumper, he was a PvE character. He is currently a level 20 [R/any General PvE Barrage Ranger|Barrager]. For his first ingame birthday, birthday, he recieved a Miniature Siege Turtle.

Barrage.jpg Distracting Shot.jpg Savage Shot.jpg Troll Unguent.jpg Whirling Defense.jpg Favorable Winds.jpg Antidote Signet.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg

Canthan[edit | edit source]


Aldis Theormend is a level 20 Rt/Me who was created on the Day of the Tengu as a Rt/Me. Her robes are dyed green. She has completed the Factions campaign and has explored both almost 80% of Cantha, including both Kurzick and Luxon lands. Her usual build is centered around Restoration Magic, though she has ventured into the art of Binding Ritual spirit spamming. She often farms using Vengeful Was Khanhei.

Mend Body and Soul.jpg Soothing Memories.jpg Spirit Light.jpg Generous Was Tsungrai.jpg Life.jpg Recuperation.jpg Preservation.jpg Flesh of My Flesh.jpg
Vengeful Was Khanhei.jpg Arcane Echo.jpg Vengeful Weapon.jpg Soothing Memories.jpg Ancestor's Visage.jpg Sympathetic Visage.jpg Physical Resistance.jpg Mantra of Resolve.jpg


Loki The Fox Fanged is a level 20 A/W who was created on the Day of the Tengu. Like a conventional Assassin, he uses daggers and utilizes the Critical Strikes attributes. He has completed the Factions campaign.

Palm Strike.jpg Twisting Fangs.jpg Golden Phoenix Strike.jpg Death Blossom.jpg Death's Charge.jpg Critical Eye.jpg Way of Perfection.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg

Elite Skills[edit | edit source]

See my list of captured or unlocked elite skills.