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Current Projects[]

  • Flesh out mechanics of Fort Aspenwood
  • Learn more about wiki coding, esp. using skill templates to autogenerate skill lists
  • Finding time to work on guildwiki :(


Mo/Me Sadus Phedaykin[]

  • Original main character
  • Completed all Tyrian missions(not bonuses though)
  • Currently working on Canthan missions
  • Name comes from Dune universe
    • Sadus means Saint
    • Phedaykin was the name for the Fremen freedom fighters on Dune

Rt/E Sormo Enkidu[]

  • My current main character
  • Completed all Canthan missions
  • Loves to play Kurzick side of Fort Aspenwood
  • Heals from time to time, but likes to use channelling and earth magic alot
  • Name is a wierd mix
    • Sormo is the name of a warlock in the book Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson (he talks with spirits a lot so is close to a ritualist)
    • Enkidu is from the mesopotamian lore Enkidu was a friend of Gilgamesh and franky I thought it just sounds cool


Here is where I list random stuff that are memorable moments for me in GW

  • My first green item ever! - Shen's Censure Hooray for smiting monks!
  • 19 consecutive wins in Dragon Arena, was lots 'o fun, with special thanks to:
    • Naughte Lil Necro
    • Jenni Brooks
    • May Slilver Paladin
    • Isgiliath Organder
    • Kaanai Yaksumi
    • And just remember to be kool!

Pages Under Construction[]