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Coloneh the reaper Candy cane hemmer.jpg

ME[edit | edit source]

I've been here for awhile (my first post was 16:48, 4 September 2006), since then I've been helping out quite a bit on the wiki, but mostly in the builds section. You may not have seen me for a while, because I have been away from the builds section, after getting fed up with the incredibly horrible policies and ridiculous people (hint hint: they're in the "People I disagree with on EVERYTHING" section; try to avoid them), but I've been unable to resist trying to help out, so I am back. I love writing new builds and implementing them. Feel free to ask for advice on a build on my talk page, or even add them to my builds section.

My Builds[edit | edit source]

My builds section is a place where I hope to compile a list of builds than actually work and are not just variants of other builds. Feel free to add yours to the page, but be warned that I will act as judge, jury, and executioner.

Your Builds[edit | edit source]

If you want me to take a look at your build go give me a link here.

Works In Progress[edit | edit source]

  • Sin Armor
  • Derv Armor
  • idea: try Unyielding Aura with max energy eles. quickening zephyr. and high energy spells. see if exhaustion stays when you're dead.
  • level up ranger
  • level up monk
  • convince people that MMs are not that good. and that they shouldn't make more of them.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Coloneh the reaper 1.jpgNecromancer/MesmerColoneh The Reaper

Cooneh of Life 1.jpgMonk/ElementalistColoneh Of Life

  • Anet just nerfed his ass off with the destruction of spirit bond.
  • Was an AMAZING spirit bonder
  • Power Leveled/solofarmed his way from level 7 to level 20
  • used to Powerlevle people from droks (not just trolls the huge group of Avicara farther up the mountain as well)
  • Sometimes gets unbelieving people from droks to pay to watch the "lvl 9(not 9 anymore) solo tolls"

Assassin/Paragon(Elementalist for now)Spearmaster Coloneh

  • currently making his way to kaneing to get to Elonia.
  • Will eventually use critical spears
  • for now is using conjure frost along with icy daggers.... pretty effective 1-hit-kills-with-daggers

Dervish/RangerElementalistCelestial Coloneh

  • his build is [Build:D/E Icy Fighter], and he was the first to use it.
  • Using a D/R Vow Of strength build. Ill put it in my builds eventually.
  • Now using a simple yet effective reapers sweep/earth build.
  • Sunspear general (willl get higher after the campaign)
  • runs using the earth prayers variant of D/R Dancing Runner.

Elementalist/MonkMesmerPyromancer Coloneh

  • first character.
  • has been sitting out of use for a long time waiting for a birthday present.
  • recently dusted off to try some new farming builds.
  • using SF for now.

Guild[edit | edit source]

Aquinas convinced me to join LanD. guildies include Aquinas, Azaya, and Lalina.

Alliance[edit | edit source]


People[edit | edit source]

"Cool" People

People I disagree with on EVERYTHING

Random Stuff[edit | edit source]

  • I've decided that I am done with the builds section. It's not worth the effort i was putting into it and just ignoring it really leaves me alot more time. If i see a really bad/good build i will still vote, and it you want to point out a build that needs votes feel free to do so on my talk page.
  • User:Coloneh/Sig my sig (thanks Xasxas256)
  • Borrowed those little boxes from Xasxas256
UBC This user borrowed userboxes from Gem's Userbox Competition.

Things that I have Made[edit | edit source]

(pretty small section) so far the count is 2-0

  • [Build:Team - Eskimos] (Second tested build)
  • [Build:Rt/N Explosive Creation|Build:Rt/N Spirit's Gift Minions] (merged into explosive creation)
  • [Build:D/E Mirror of Ice Scythe] (WOOT!!! favored)
  • I don't doubt that many of my builds would be favored, but i have stopped submitting them because of the abysmal state of voting.

Coloneh Troll farming.jpg

stuf[edit | edit source]

  • RUNNING S.peaks tour 7k for all, 1k per stop. Rankor>WarCamp>Granite>Copper>Iron>Grotto>THK