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This user plays all GW installations: Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North.
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Cet utilisateur a pour langue maternelle le Français.

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  • Home: Belgium
  • Profession: Analyst/Developper
  • Level: 32
I'm from Belgium, living with my fiancée and cats named Hideki and Chii (see Chobits for their names.. ;) )

My In-Game Characters[]

Lady Chani Kynes
Lady Chani Kynes Primeval Armor.jpg

(Data @ 26 July 2008, 23:15 GMT+2)

  • Home: Tyria
  • Age: 3.157 Hours
  • Profession: Warrior
  • Experience: 12.854.984

Slayer of All (10)
Legendary Spearmarshal (10)
Holy Lightbringer (8)
Canthan Guardian (1)
Tyrian Guardian (1)
Legendary Vanquisher (1)
Legendary Skill Hunter (1)
Legendary Cartographer (1)
Elonian Vanquisher (1)
Elonian Elite Skill Hunter (1)
Canthan Vanquisher (1)
Canthan Elite Skill Hunter (1)
Tyrian Vanquisher (1)
Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter (1)
Elonian Protector (1)
Canthan Protector (1)
Tyrian Protector (1)
Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer (100.0%)
Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer (100.0%)
Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer (100.0%)
Not Too Foolish (9)
Adventurous Delver (7)
Special Agent (7)
Conqueror of the North (4)
I Have Many Leather-Bound Books (4)
Devotee of Wisdom (3)
Friend of the Kurzicks (2)
Treasure Hunter (1)
Party Animal (1)
Luxon Supporter (1)
Elonian Guardian Title Track (no title earned)
Legendary Guardian Title Track (no title earned)
Unlucky Title Track (no title earned)
Drunkard Title Track (no title earned)
Sweet Tooth Title Track (no title earned)
Hero Title Track (no title earned)
Lucky Title Track (no title earned)
Gamer Title Track (no title earned)

Lady Chani Kynes, a Warrior / Necromancer, wielding a beautifull hammer, and enjoying it.. despides her enemies..
She plays solo but never alone, usually she is with Tahlkora, Master of Whispers, Koss, Devona, Mhenlo, Sogolon and Gehraz

Carmen Cru
Carmen Cru.jpg

  • Home: Tyria
  • Age: ~7 Hours
  • Level: 6

My first real monk.. I really want to level her.. hope she will satisfy me..

Her name is in the memory of Jean-Marc Lelong (french), who drawn this character (also in french).


  • Home: Tyria
  • Age: 20 Hours and 19 Minutes
  • Level: 6

Corsaire is my first attempt to make a "perma-pre" character.. one quest done so far (Elementalist Test)..

Other Characters[]

  • Xhao Xia: Mule for collectibles and Greens
  • Ocidia Dacciaio: Mule for Dyes, Scrolls and rewards (Imperial Commandations, Luxon Totems, etc..)
  • San Lorenzo Sirio: Mule for Weapons and Runes
  • Rakanichou Redux: Not used anymore, Elementalist used to farm black dyes in pre-searing
  • Underground Walker: unused Elementalist Deleted for Carmen Cru
  • Othon Vermulst: character used in PvP.. never used.. guess why.. but perhaps to do AvA.. ;)

My Guilds[]

  • Phoenix of Ascalon [PoA] (First guild created with my fiancée.. she left me (for DAoC).. I left the guild..)
  • Paranoïaques [Para] (Too inactive users, boring)
  • Be NightShift [nS] (Merged with [Puki])
  • Les Puki Warriors [Puki] (exploded from inside)
  • La Phalange [Pha]

Other Infos[]

Thanx to Aberrant80 for the unlock table.
Thanx to Smurf for the character templates.