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Faction (Kurzick).jpg This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.

This user plays both PvE & PvP.

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About[edit | edit source]

A long time player of Guild Wars, but only recently registered on Guild Wiki. I first played during a Guild Wars alpha event known as E3 for Everyone.

The characters I use in the game are:

Draygo Korvan Level 20 Monk Mesmer
Diez Riatel Level 20 Ranger Warrior
Dlareme Volkram Level 20 Elementalist Necromancer
Panda Queen PvP Typically either a Boon Prot or a Elementalist Monk flag runner.

I am a member of the guild Apathy Inc, who placed 74th in season one of the Factions tournament.

Current Activity[edit | edit source]

Stuff of Interest[edit | edit source]


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