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Entropy's Builds Page[]

Feel free to comment or make suggestions. I created these builds with no reference materials, so they are in that sense "original". These builds will be updated with Factions and Nightfall skills, eventually...

NOTE I never carry a Resurrection skill in PvE anymore. I leave that to the Henchmen. (Not Heroes.) 'Nuff said. ><

R/Rt Point Blank Glass[]

This is a heavy-damage DPS build. It tears through almost anything easily, punishes foes who like to Block, and is very simplistic to use.

Attributes and Skills[]

RangerRitualistRanger / Ritualist Attribute Rank
Expertise 12 + 1 + 1
Marksmanship 12 + 1
Distracting Shot.jpg

Distracting Shot

Savage Shot.jpg

Savage Shot

Concussion Shot.jpg

Concussion Shot

Point Blank Shot.jpg

Point Blank Shot

Zojun's Shot.jpg

Zojun's Shot

Needling Shot.jpg

Needling Shot

Glass Arrows.jpg

Glass Arrows




  • Druid's Armor.
  • A Shortbow. Elemental bowstrings work well.


  • Set up Vampirism right before engaging foes.
  • Use Glass Arrows, advance to half range, and pummel foes with Point Blank Shot and Zojun's Shot.
    • If a foe is Blocking, then you will make them suffer with Bleeding. Switch targets and try again - it is unlikely that every foe will be able to Block.
  • Once foes get down to 50% Health or less, finish them off with Needling Shot.
  • Save Concussion Shot for surefire Interrupts, such as Aegis or Chain Lightning.


  • Interruption of Glass Arrows. This causes a significant drop in damage and DPS.
  • Blind, Weakness, "Shields Up!", etc.



  • Henchmen and Heroes tend to follow their player. This build can be mildly dangerous since it makes your backline move a bit closer to the action than it normally would.
  • Consider going R/W and replacing Vampirism with Flail for IAS.
  • This build easily does 100+ damage per Point Blank / Zojun's Shot. Even when using an Ebon Shortbow against a Cracked Mesa, critical hits gave 100+ damage.

R/any Winter Ranger[]

This build is often run by Rangers in Hell's Precipice and is much sought-after by PUGs attempting the mission. Very effective and all-around useful to the party.

Attributes and Skills[]

RangerRanger / Any Attribute Rank
Expertise 11 + 1 + 1
Wilderness Survival 11 + 1
Marksmanship 8 + 1
Distracting Shot.jpg

Distracting Shot

Savage Shot.jpg

Savage Shot

Kindle Arrows.jpg

Kindle Arrows

Serpent's Quickness.jpg

Serpent's Quickness



Greater Conflagration.jpg

Greater Conflagration

Dryder's Defenses.jpg

Dryder's Defenses

Troll Unguent.jpg

Troll Unguent



  • Before engaging any enemies, set your Spirits. Active Serpent's Quickness and remember to set Winter before Greater Conflagration - it is more important, and it has a longer recharge. Spirits should be set at about a Longbow's range from enemies, for safety.
  • If facing Spark of the Titans in numbers greater than 1, have the party pull back a bit and advance by yourself. Just before grabbing aggro, activate Troll Unguent and Dryder's Defenses. This will greatly lower the damage of Mind Burn. At this point, have the party's tanks rush in, while the casters stay a bit behind you.
  • During battle, switch to your Shortbow and keep up Kindle Arrows; interrupt anything you can with Distracting Shot and Savage Shot. It is most important to interrupt Rodgort's Invocation, as it can completely devastate the party in one blow.
  • Watch your spirits. Replace them as soon as you can if they are killed.
  • Use Troll Unguent liberally. Your Monks will thank you for it.


  • The spirits are key. If the AI repeatedly kills them off you won't get far. Learn to place them where they won't be harmed.


  • In a PUG, it is not so necessary to perform the pulling function, so Dryder's Defenses is a good choice to swap out.
  • Rebirth is a popular choice for a replacement skill, especially among PUGs.


If it's your first time into Hell's Precipice and you don't have Greater Conflagration yet, take Oath Shot and one Signet of Capture. You will run into Valetudo Rubor at some point. Having both Oath Shot and Greater Conflagration makes the build much more reliable, if only temporarily.

R/any Solo Desert Trapper[]

This build got vetted! ^^

The R/any Solo Desert Trapper can be used to farm slowly but surely in the Crystal Desert. Its main purpose is to gather collectable drops, which can often be traded for decent weapons. Of course, a fair amount of keys, gold, and gold items can be found as well.

Attributes and Skills[]

RangerRanger / Any Attribute Rank
Expertise 12 + 1 + 1
Wilderness Survival 12 + 1
Beast Mastery 3 + 1
Poison Arrow.jpg

Poison Arrow

Serpent's Quickness.jpg

Serpent's Quickness

Dust Trap.jpg

Dust Trap

Barbed Trap.jpg

Barbed Trap

Flame Trap.jpg

Flame Trap



Troll Unguent.jpg

Troll Unguent

Storm Chaser.jpg

Storm Chaser


  • Druid's Armor.
  • A Flatbow or Longbow.
  • A Recurve Bow or Composite Bow.
    • Poisonous bow strings work very well.


General Guidelines[]

  • Use the Flatbow or Longbow to lure your enemies onto the traps and use the Recurve Bow or Composite Bow when firing Poison Arrow.
  • Always activate Serpent's Quickness before laying traps. Lay them in this order: Dust Trap, Barbed Trap, Flame Trap. You should be able to lay down two sets of traps just as Serpent's Quickness ends. It's safe to lay a third set afterwards, as well, but any more and you run the risk of letting some traps self-detonate before any enemies reach them.
    • Dust Trap causes Blindness, allowing you to set more traps right under the enemy if needed.
  • Lay down a Spirit of Toxicity somewhere in the area but far enough away that it won't get attacked. In times of trouble, you can always run past it and let the enemies kill it instead of attacking you. Make sure Serpent's Quickness is up first; the recharge time is quite long.
  • You can out-regen the damage of most but not all monsters with Troll Unguent - it's usually safe to cast it before activating Storm Chaser and running away.

The following can be farmed in Diviner's Ascent, leave from Elona Reach:

  • Sand Drakes (Topaz Crest) - Approach these and stop just short of aggro range. Activate Serpent's Quickness and lay double sets of traps. Now, shoot off a Poison Arrow to each Drake and back up - let the Drakes run over your traps. They should be dead, if not, the degen will soon kill them. Sometimes Drakes are linked in aggro but are spread far apart - watch the radar carefully for any incoming Drakes. It can mess up your trapping badly if one or two don't hit the traps at the same time as the others. In this case it is best to pull a retreat or out-regen them with Troll Unguent and Poison Arrow.
  • Rockshot Devourers (Bleached Carapace) - These are annoying, because they are also trappers and they carry Distracting Shot, but mostly because they tend to pop up at the most inopportunate moments. Follow a similar procedure as with Drakes, but keep a farther distance between you and the Devourers so as to avoid accidentally aggroing them prematurely. Once your traps are set, hit them with Poison Arrow and run slowly back to your traps. Devourers are less pull-friendly than Drakes so you'll have to give them more time. Do not try to set any more traps unless you are sure the Devourers are blind. It often takes two or more rounds of traps to kill Devourers, so you may wish to simply pick them off with hit-and-run Poison Arrows. A good counter-tactic to Distracting Shot is to start activating Troll Unguent and immediately cancel it by moving - the Devourers will use Distracting Shot and waste it. With a 10 second recharge, you have plenty of time to cast Troll Unguent in peace.

The following can be farmed in Skyward Reach, leave from Augury Rock:

  • Hydra (Dessicated Hydra Claw) - They are very dangerous to farm with this build, but it can still be done. Lay traps safely away from them and then use Poison Arrow. They will always use Meteor or Fireball, so immediately use Storm Chaser and run away. They should still follow. Lead them over the traps - this will cause Crippled. Now it's just a matter of waiting for degen and dodging Fireballs. Don't try to take on more than two at once.

The following can be farmed in The Scar, leave from Thirsty River:

  • Dune Burrower (Dune Burrower Jaw) - These are stationary, so with the Flatbow or Longbow you can sometimes take them out without any opposition (try to get a height advantage). Otherwise, just hit them with Poison Arrow and move outside their range. They will try to counter with Healing Spring, just shoot them to disrupt it. There will always be Jade Scarab and/or Rock-Eater Scarab buried nearby, so it may be wise to take them out first.
  • Jade Scarab and Rock-Eater Scarab (Jade Mandible) - These are more fragile than the other monsters and are often killed with the first sets of traps, so treat them like Sand Drakes. Remember that Jade Scarab carry Plague Touch, so try to not let them get within melee range. If they do, though, use Troll Unguent to counter the degeneration.
  • Sand Giant (Massive Jawbone) - These have Plague Touch and are more sturdy than Jade Scarab, so they are a bit tough. They also knockdown with Giant Stomp occasionally. However they are fairly slow so you can generally use hit-and-run tactics after the first wave of traps. They also rely on self-caused Conditions and Plague Touch to transfer them - Crippled from Barbed Trap is very potent against them.

The following can be farmed in Prophet's Path, leave from Augury Rock:

  • Desert Griffon (Iridescent Griffon Wing)- Requires a lot of patience, they use "I Will Survive!" to counter your Conditions. They are often more trouble than they are worth, but if you really need those Griffon Wings this build is a surefire way to get them...eventually. There are of course much more effective Tanking builds that have been made for Griffons especially, but this build can still do them.
  • Minotaur (Minotaur Horn) - These are easy. Follow the same procedure as Drakes, but remember that Minotaurs often run in a patrol route rather than lazing around in one spot.
  • Marrow Scarab and Scarab Nest Builder - for some reason neither of these drop any Collectible Drop, don't bother trying to kill them if you don't have to. They are hard to kill, anyways...Marrow Scarab will use Plague Touch and Virulence to devastating effect, and Scarab Nest Builder have Distracting Shot ready to interrupt Troll Unguent, as well as being Trappers themselves. In the event that comflict is unavoidable, lay down three or even four sets of traps to eliminate the Marrow Scarabs in one go. But stay out of Touch range!
  • Salving Cactus (Spiny Seed) - While it can be hard to find them, they are very easy to farm. They don't move much and always cast Holy Wrath first - so start off with Dust Trap to blind them. After that you can finish them off any way you choose. Note, there are always one or two of these outside Heroes' Audience, beware the Sand Elementals though.

Notes on other creatures:

  • Sand Wurm (Bleached Shell) - Good luck finding one, and good luck soloing it. Not recommended, but it could be done.


  • Blind to some extent, though with Antidote Signet or another remedy (see Variants) this is no problem.
  • Crippled, though no monsters in the Desert inflict this condition except the Barbed Traps of Scarab Nest Builders.
  • Sudden spike damage, such as what occurs when facing Sand Elementals. Always use Storm Chaser and run away when in danger!


  • Oath Shot, Spike Trap, or Trapper's Focus could be used instead of Poison Arrow for a purely Trapping build, though it plays a bit differently from the Posion Arrow one.
  • For farming Minotaurs, Throw Dirt can be a viable skill to replace Toxicity. It will let you set more traps instead of having to run away.
  • Antidote Signet, Mending Touch (R/Mo), and Remedy Signet (R/P) are also excellent skills to consider bringing along. In the event you step on a Dust Trap or Barbed Trap, these will let you counter them effectively. However, this is not too common an occurance, and generally bringing Toxicity will yield a better net effectiveness.
  • Natural Stride is a viable alternative running skill to Storm Chaser if you're not facing enemies that use Hexes.
  • Trapper's Speed is a good skill to consider bringing instead of Toxicity. Activate it just before Serpent's Quickness expires.


  • This can actually be used to farm the Mountain Trolls outside of Droks as well, though it plays a bit differently...

Hero Builds[]

You can run almost anything on your Heroes. These are what I like to use.

Mo/any RC Tahlkora[]

This is the build I run on all of my Tahlkora heroes. It's a general Prot build that uses RC for the Elite. RC works well on Heroes since it is never really "wasted" - with all Conditions removed in one casting, low recharge, and cheap cost, it is hard to go wrong with. Also - since this is a Prot hench, they get no Hard rez.

Attributes and Skills[]

MonkMonk / Any Attribute Rank
Divine Favor 12 + 1 + 1
Protection Prayers 12 + 1
Signet of Devotion.jpg

Signet of Devotion

Reversal of Fortune.jpg

Reversal of Fortune



Shielding Hands.jpg

Shielding Hands

Shield of Absorption.jpg

Shield of Absorption



Restore Condition.jpg

Restore Condition

Remove Hex.jpg

Remove Hex



  • Leave it to Tahlkora.


  • Much less useful in areas with no Conditions, obviously.
  • Standard Anti-Caster.


Mo/any WoH Dunkoro[]

This is the build I currently run on Dunkoro. It has emphasis on cheap, small heals rather than costly spells like Heal Other.

Attributes and Skills[]

MonkMonk / Any Attribute Rank
Healing Prayers 12 + 1
Divine Favor 12 + 1 + 1
Signet of Devotion.jpg

Signet of Devotion

Signet of Rejuvenation.jpg

Signet of Rejuvenation

Vigorous Spirit.jpg

Vigorous Spirit

Dwayna's Kiss.jpg

Dwayna's Kiss

Word of Healing.jpg

Word of Healing

Ethereal Light.jpg

Ethereal Light

Healing Touch.jpg

Healing Touch

Restore Life.jpg

Restore Life


  • Any max Healing staff. HCT/HSR is nice.


  • Leave it to Dunkoro.


  • Typical anti-caster stuff.


  • Words of Comfort can replace Ethereal Light or Healing Touch when not used in conjunction with RC Tahlkora.
  • Watchful Healing is more useful than Vigorous Spirit in places where Enchantments get removed.
  • Healing Whisper can replace Dwayna's Kiss if you're fighting in a confined area.
  • Glimmer of Light is usually a suitable replacement for Word of Healing. Word of Healing should be used when there is more spike-type damage; Glimmer of Light, when there is more pressure-type damage OR Dunkoro will probably be hit a lot.


  • Parterns well with Kihm, especially once you reach Kourna.

N/Mo Hero Minion Master[]

This is what I run on my Olias or Master of Whispers. It's typical MM but keeps in mind the Hero AI.

Attributes and Skills[]

NecromancerMonkNecromancer / Monk Attribute Rank
Soul Reaping 12 + 1 + 1
Death Magic 12 + 1
Signet of Lost Souls.jpg

Signet of Lost Souls

Signet of Sorrow.jpg

Signet of Sorrow

Blood of the Master.jpg

Blood of the Master

Death Nova.jpg

Death Nova

Animate Flesh Golem.jpg

Animate Flesh Golem

Animate Shambling Horror.jpg

Animate Shambling Horror

Animate Bone Horror.jpg

Animate Bone Horror

Remove Hex.jpg

Remove Hex


  • Any max Death-linked staff. HCT/HSR are nice.


  • Leave it to Olias.
  • Remember to wait for Olias to exploit every Corpse before you move on, just as you would for a human MM.


  • Anti-caster stuff, lack of exploitable corpses.


  • I use Flesh Golem since it gives you an extra, portable body. It also tanks alright. Besides, the whole concept of "renewable minions" fits nicely with Flesh Golem, as it can be used to make more...Jagged Bones got nerfed to hell so that is no longer an option, sadly.

A/W Meleesin Zenmai[]

An annoying meleesin that can deal decent sustained damage and keep up the pressure with some interrupts.

Attributes and Skills[]

AssassinWarriorAssassin / Warrior Attribute Rank
Dagger Mastery 12 + 1 + 1
Critical Strikes 12 + 1
Distracting Blow.jpg

Distracting Blow

Wild Blow.jpg

Wild Blow

Malicious Strike.jpg

Malicious Strike

Jagged Strike.jpg

Jagged Strike

Wild Strike.jpg

Wild Strike

Death Blossom.jpg

Death Blossom

Critical Eye.jpg

Critical Eye




  • Any max 15^50 daggers.
  • Nightstalker's Insignias on all armor slots.


  • Leave it to Zenmai.


  • Blind, Weakness, Cripple, snares...RC Tahlkora takes care of those, though.



  • I was using this build before the weekend buffs to Death Blossom, so it's not just a cheap knockoff copy. ><

A/W Interruption Zenmai[]

Heroes can take full advantage of the IAS and 1/2 second activation skills.

Attributes and Skills[]

AssassinWarriorAssassin / Warrior Attribute Rank
Dagger Mastery 12 + 1
Critical Strikes 12 + 1 + 3
Deadly Arts 3
Disrupting Dagger.jpg

Disrupting Dagger

Crippling Dagger.jpg

Crippling Dagger

Distracting Blow.jpg

Distracting Blow

Disrupting Stab.jpg

Disrupting Stab

Exhausting Assault.jpg

Exhausting Assault

Skull Crack.jpg

Skull Crack



Critical Eye.jpg

Critical Eye


  • Full Nightstalker's armor/insignias.
    • Extra rune slots should go to runes of Attunement for energy.
  • Zealous daggers of Fortitude.
    • Inscription: "I Have the Power!" +5 energy is best, since you won't be dealing out a lot of damage anyways. Otherwise damage +15% while in a stance works - "Dance with Death".


  • Leave it to Zenmai.
    • Lock Zemnai's target onto any foe you want constantly shutdown, like Priest of Sorrows.




  • If anyone in the party carries skills which reward constant attacking, have them cast them on you to greatly amplify damage output and pressure. Brutal Weapon is a prime example.

R/Any Burning Arrow Jin[]

I like to have Acolyte Jin use Burning Arrow, since it's hard to mess up. She is extremely aggressive so this suits her better than an Interrupt-type build.

Attributes and Skills[]

RangerRanger / Any Attribute Rank
Expertise 12 + 1 + 1
Marksmanship 12 + 1
Distracting Shot.jpg

Distracting Shot

Savage Shot.jpg

Savage Shot

Burning Arrow.jpg

Burning Arrow

Screaming Shot.jpg

Screaming Shot

Arcing Shot.jpg

Arcing Shot



Read the Wind.jpg

Read the Wind

Lightning Reflexes.jpg

Lightning Reflexes


  • Works best with a Shortbow.


  • Leave it to Jin.



  • Concussion Shot is helpful, though the energy cost is quite punishing even under the best of circumstances, especially if it misses...


  • I don't use Throw Dirt because sometimes Jin will decide to run up to a foe and use it, which is bad.

D/W Reaper's Sweep Melonni[]

This is what I run on Melonni if she has a 15^50 scythe.

Attributes and Skills[]

DervishWarriorDervish / Warrior Attribute Rank
Scythe Mastery 12 + 1 + 1
Mysticism 12 + 1
Distracting Blow.jpg

Distracting Blow

Wild Blow.jpg

Wild Blow

Eremite's Attack.jpg

Eremite's Attack

Victorious Sweep.jpg

Victorious Sweep

Mystic Sweep.jpg

Mystic Sweep

Reaper's Sweep.jpg

Reaper's Sweep

Heart of Fury.jpg

Heart of Fury

Heart of Holy Flame.jpg

Heart of Holy Flame


  • Any max scythe. 15^50 is best.
  • Brawler's Insignias on all armor pieces.


  • Leave it to Melonni.


Typical anti-melee stuff.

The generic build template[]

Left here so I don't have to copy&paste all the time from the GuildWiki Formatting: Builds page. {{build-stub}} {{untested-build}|build types}} {{TOCright}}

Describe the build.

Attributes and Skills[]

Any / Any Attribute Rank
Strength 12 + 1 + 3
Swordsmanship 12 + 1
Tactics 3 + 1
Distracting Blow.jpg

Distracting Blow

Seeking Blade.jpg

Seeking Blade

Crippling Slash.jpg

Crippling Slash



Bull's Strike.jpg

Bull's Strike

Steelfang Slash.jpg

Steelfang Slash

Enraging Charge.jpg

Enraging Charge

Resurrection Signet.jpg

Resurrection Signet


  • Armor
  • Weapons


Describe how to use the build.


Describe important counters.


List the major variants.


Add any additional notes pertaining to your build. Omit this section if it is not needed.

See also[]

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Untested build tag[]

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Build type code Category Game-play type
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CM Competitive Mission builds PvP
GvG Guild vs Guild builds PvP
HA Hero's Ascent builds PvP
HB Hero Battle builds PvP
RA Random Arena builds PvP
TA Team Arena builds PvP
PvP team PvP team builds PvP
farming Farming builds PvE
running Running builds PvE
hero Hero builds PvE
PvE team PvE team builds PvE
general General PvE builds PvE

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